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Oracle Customer Success—Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Information Systems Consolidates 38 Databases for 16 Group Companies, Reduces Operating Workload by 15x, and Cuts Maintenance Costs


By consolidating 38 databases for 16 group companies with Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Multitenant, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we improved system performance by up to 6.7x, reduced operating workload per system by 15x, lowered maintenance costs, and enhanced IT governance.

— Mitsuyasu Kataoka, Manager, Application Platform Team and Operational Platform Team, IT Platform Department, IDC Solution Department, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1999, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. (Panasonic IS), the core IT company of the Panasonic Group, provides services for the entire group’s IT systems including planning, design, construction, and operation. With knowledge accumulated through these internal services, Panasonic IS has also earned immense trust from its external clients by developing a wide range of IT solutions—such as core systems, data security, IT infrastructure architecture, network and data center management services, and package software—to meet various customer needs across multiple industries.

Business Challenge
  • Reduce the overall operating workload for 16 group companies, in industries such as eco-solutions and healthcare products, and minimize IT costs by consolidating multiple databases without compromising the independence of individual sales management systems
  • Provide faster services and improve development efficiency, such as developing IT infrastructure solutions, by re-allocating tasks between the database and applications teams for each group company
  • Build a robust IT infrastructure capable of handling dramatic increases in user numbers and transaction volumes for each group company, such as processing sales orders for the industrial devices division, to support mid- to long-term business expansion
  • Reduced hardware and maintenance costs by consolidating 38 pluggable databases for the sales management systems of 16 group companies into a private cloud for Panasonic Group with Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Multitenant, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Cut operating workload by 15x and increased development efficiency by reducing resource requirements for each system from 5 DBAs managing 8 systems to 7 DBAs managing 170 systems through database integration and enhanced service level agreement
  • Supported growth for all group companies by improving sales management system performance by up to 6.7x and minimizing frequent outages due to low CPU capacity, insufficient memory, or other resource issues, thanks to a high-performing and reliable Oracle Exadata
  • Simplified system maintenance by automatically applying patches and upgrades once to the multitenant container database rather than all databases and maintaining the independence and security of each application
  • Increased staff productivity by enabling DBAs to store and update shared master data—such as customer information for 16 consolidated companies—in the multitenant container database only, instead of managing data in each application
  • Improved team collaboration and enhanced service quality by adopting a multitenant database environment and enabling the company to define clear responsibilities and transfer the purchasing, operation, and development of database infrastructure from the applications team to the database team
  • Ensured business continuity by maintaining real-time replication from primary to standby databases and achieving high system availability with Oracle Data Guard


We chose Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Exadata Database Machine for its multitenant architecture and ability to maintain the independence of each application even with different schema names. The capacity to configure and operate databases individually also contributed to the decision.

— Mitsuyasu Kataoka, Manager, Application Platform Team and Operational Platform Team, IT Platform Department, IDC Solution Department, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.


Panasonic IS used a schema approach to consolidate application databases in the first phase of its integration project but experienced weak isolation between applications. It decided to upgrade to Oracle Database 12c and used Oracle Multitenant to replace each schema with a pluggable database and consolidate these into a single multitenant container database without changing the applications.

“To maximize the benefits of Oracle Exadata, we separated the operational and management tasks for applications and databases. The collaboration between the database and application teams—including sharing problems in common meetings and proactively contributing ideas—has eliminated development errors.” said Takashi Tsujimoto, assistant chief, IDC service division, IT platform department computing infrastructure team, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.

“By leveraging internally accumulated knowledge of Oracle Database products, we are expecting to gain numerous benefits from this advanced integration project and provide better services to our external clients,” said Takeshi Yokosuka, director, IDC solution department, IDC service division, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.

About Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.


Osaka, Japan

Annual Revenue

US$500 Million to US$1 Billion
Published:  Oct 27, 2016