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Oracle Customer Success—Smart Citizen

Smart Citizen

Smart Citizen Deploys Cloud Financials and Accounting ERP to Support Exponential Worldwide Growth for Millions of Daily Transaction


The scalability, flexibility, and security of Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud enable us to confidently use it as a pillar in our strategy for growth to millions of daily transactions worldwide.

— Cesar Castro, Chief Financial Officer, Smart Citizen

Smart Citizen is a fast-growing startup that develops open-source software for cities of all sizes across the world to alleviate traffic and reduce pollution, using technology to improve all aspects of city parking. Through an app, cities and citizens can display and find free parking spots in streets and structures; fully automate payments, including their processing, accounting, and invoicing; provide on-demand pricing to match demand and keep traffic at desired levels; analyze costs; guide different types of vehicles, such as hybrids and electric cars, to appropriate parking spots; and charge different parking prices based on vehicle type.
Business Challenge
  • Implement a cost-effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that is accessible to any present and future authorized collaborators across the world, supporting the company’s aggressive growth plans to deploy its parking app to millions of paying users in cities of all sizes worldwide
  • Consolidate, manage, and report on financial, tax, accounting, payroll, and accounts payable information accurately, consistently, and easily from any of the company’s offices in four countries, in line with the different accounting and tax rules in each jurisdiction where it operates
  • Provide detailed insights on cash flow, invoicing, and expenses to the company as well as to cities that use its open-source software, to make more informed business decisions based on accurate data
  • Implemented Oracle Financials Cloud and Oracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud to gather, consolidate, analyze, and report on all of the company’s financial, accounting, and tax data, as well as on end users of its open-source mobile app—who can find parking and automatically pay for it from their phone
  • Ensured secure access to financial data to authorized collaborators in five countries, the ability to easily add more users and data as the company grows and penetrates new markets, and the flexibility and local adaptability to meet the different tax and accounting requirements of each country where the company operates
  • Gained the scalability and agility necessary to support the company’s exponential growth—further future-proofing its financial and accounting ERP by selecting a cloud solution, ensuring the company continuously benefits from the latest technology and eliminating the need for physical processing and storage infrastructure, in line with the company’s strategy to quickly multiply its operations worldwide
  • Supported future growth to millions of daily transactions in dozens of countries and currencies and invoicing each of its clients—the cities that make Smart Citizen’s mobile app for parking available to their residents—securely providing them with the information they need to accurately bill and report on their accounts, as part of their obligations as public institutions
  • Enabled clients and internal collaborators in different countries to make better business decisions by providing accurate financial data in real-time


“We selected Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud over solutions from SAP and Microsoft because it best meets our needs for a scalable, flexible, and secure financials and accounting ERP. Oracle fits our budget constraints while supporting our aggressive business and IT objectives.

— Cesar Castro, Chief Financial Officer, Smart Citizen


Oracle Consulting was involved from start to finish in the implementation process, accompanying Smart Citizen from personalizing Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud to its needs to deploying it to production in the span of just 1.5 months. Oracle Consulting provided training for collaborators and oversaw a smooth transition to the solution, offering regular workshops to ensure take-up.

Oracle Consulting continues to be in regular contact with Smart Citizen to optimize its use of Oracle solutions and to quickly resolve any issues that arise.

About Smart Citizen


Madrid, Spain



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million
Published:  Jul 18, 2016