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Oracle Customer Success—Tušmobil d.o.o

Tušmobil d.o.o

Tušmobil Shortens Time-to-Market for Innovative Mobile Services While Minimizing IT Costs


By upgrading to Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.3, we have a more stable, integrated, and scalable solution with next-generation system capabilities. We’ve simplified regulatory compliance and reduced the time to market for our innovative mobile products and services.

— Ognjen Antonic, Billing Technical Lead, Tušmobil d.o.o.

Tušmobil d.o.o. is the third-largest mobile operator in Slovenia, providing a comprehensive range of mobile communications services across the entire country. Established in 2006, Tušmobil offers leading-edge mobile services through its technologically advanced and environmentally friendly network. The company set new standards in the Slovenian market by being the first to introduce postpaid packages with a prepaid data transfer. The company has been the country’s fastest-growing mobile services operator for six years in a row, and today continues its commitment to set new standards by providing a diverse offering of innovative and competitive postpaid packages.
Business Challenge
  • Increase competitiveness by accelerating time-to-market for innovative mobile communications services and promotions across wholesale and retail markets, enabling new business-to-business service offerings and facilitating compliance with the latest European Union (EU) regulations
  • Improve business agility by enabling rapid integration of the billing system with third-party systems used in-house, such as for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), and those used by external companies wishing to share Tušmobil’s services with their own customers
  • Increase IT environment stability to optimize network provisioning, improve customer satisfaction, and enable rapid development of prepaid and postpaid communications products and services
  • Provide IT scalability and flexibility for business growth without increasing IT infrastructure costs
  • Upgraded to Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.3 and Oracle Database in less than five months to increase system stability and scalability, enable EU compliance and new service offerings, and reduce the time to market for innovative prepaid and postpaid mobile communications packages
  • Ensured a smooth upgrade and optimal performance of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management as well as business intelligence and customer self-care applications by using Oracle Real Application Testing to conduct premigration performance testing of the upgraded Oracle Database
  • Enabled deployment of new mobile communications packages in weeks and smaller changes, such as add-on tariff plans, in days—whereas competitive operators spend months on these tasks—allowing the company to maintain its leading position in bringing innovative products and services rapidly to the Slovenian market
  • Accelerated deployment of new features and packages across prepaid and postpaid, wholesale, and retail markets because developers no longer need to spend days or weeks creating workarounds to compensate for system instability
  • Used Oracle’s standards-based technologies to simplify integration of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management and Oracle Database with third-party ERP and CRM systems, customer self-care portal, and the Nokia mobile network—ensuring constant billing-system availability, optimal network provisioning, and correct charging, for example during periods of tariff changes at certain times of the day
  • Enabled Tušmobil to launch hosted, mobile-virtual-network operator (MVNO) services for other companies—meaning that cable television company Telemach could enter the mobile market within months, providing services to its own customers without needing to invest in an expensive IT and mobile network infrastructure
  • Provided flexibility for MVNOs to manage their own charging plans and see live updates of network and billing systems, thanks to seamless and real-time integration of Oracle Communications BRM with ERP and CRM systems used by business partners
  • Reduced billing system cumulative downtime from 12 hours to 2 hours per year, a sixfold increase in stability—improving the customer experience while enabling more rapid development of communications products and services
  • Enabled swift and full compliance with EU roaming requirements and other regulations by implementing bill-shock prevention; policy control; local breakout—with zero additional investment needed in IT hardware or software, and more, thanks to Oracle’s fully compliant technologies
  • Provided scalability to comfortably manage current year-on-year revenue increases of 15%, a subscriber base tripling every four years, and new service launches, such as 4G and roaming integration with overseas


We know from experience that Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management is one of most powerful systems in the billing arena, but before we made our decision to upgrade to version 7.3, we also looked at other systems, such as SAP Convergent Charging. Oracle’s unique, compliance-driven, and standards-based technologies have enabled us to implement EU-mandated bill-shock prevention, policy control, and local breakout without having to buy additional software—something we couldn’t have achieved with other systems. This has represented for us not just cost savings, but, more importantly, a faster time to market—which is a critical business differentiator in the highly competitive Slovenian mobile communications market.

— Ognjen Antonic, Billing Technical Lead, Tušmobil d.o.o.

About Tušmobil d.o.o


Ljubljana, Slovenia



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million


“We selected Oracle partner Tridens due to its expertise in software development and deep knowledge of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management. Tridens conducted the upgrade in less than five months, developed extensions and customizations, and it provided integration with other IT systems. In addition, its consultants developed the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management platform for hosting MVNO services, and it provides us with ongoing support, maintenance, and development, so that we can use the system to its fullest,” Antonic said.
Published:  Aug 22, 2014