Order Management Software

Order Management Software offers a multichannel solution that enables you to serve the needs of your market segments and achieve greater order profitability. Unify your customer-facing processes, meet customer requests, optimize order fulfillment, and improve fulfillment efficiency—all with one complete order-to-cash solution.

Improve Efficiency

How Strategic Is Your Order Management System?

Business Challenge

Can you monitor the entire order management process from start to finish?

Order Capture
Capture, configure, and price orders with business users.

Single Face to Customer
Consolidate quotes and orders from all channels and existing systems.

Multichannel Management
Manage orders from all channels to get a single view of your customer.

Business Challenge

Can you effectively serve the needs of your market?

Optimized order scheduling
Fulfill orders from the most profitable source and utilize global inventory.

Allocate supply
Serve the needs of your market segments by allocating supply based on specific attributes.

Prioritize backlog
Manage a consolidated view of the backlog and reprioritize orders.

Business Challenge

Do you have timely, consistent, and accurate visibility to order information?

Preseeded processes
Enable drop-ships, capable-to-promise, configure-to-order, and more.

Fulfillment orchestration

Define order fulfillment processes for products and services on the same order.

End-to-end visibility
Get updates on orders, inventory, shipments, and planned supply through in-context analytics.

Business Challenge

Concerned about on-time order fulfillment and customer satisfaction?

Manage fulfillment tasks and resolve issues before they affect customer commitments.

What-if analysis
View and evaluate various options before picking the best one.

Order changes
Define and enforce rules for changing orders.