Oracle Project Management

Deliver great projects from start to finish. Oracle Project Management is a solution within Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP that gives you full control of your work. Keep your workforce engaged by connecting the right people to the right projects, support your organization’s goals with a clear view of financial performance across your project portfolio, and quickly adapt to changing requirements so your customers stay happy.

Project Management features

Plan, schedule, and forecast

Plan and schedule

See your critical project plans in one place and allocate the right resources at the right time.

Collaborate and manage tasks

Make plans your team and clients can count on by clearly sharing goals, dependencies, and timelines.

Budget and forecast

Quickly generate your budgets and forecasts from your project plans, resource plans, or from existing financial plans.

Digital assistant

Use voice or text commands to easily complete routine tasks, such as capturing time or managing project progress and financial status, from your smartphone.

Analyze and predict

Gain insights at every project stage and identify potential escalations before they occur.

Resource management

Search and match

Find the exact resource you need for your project by filtering across role, skills, and location.

Resource supply and demand

Always have an updated view of projects, skills, and financials so you can easily balance your people capacity against project demands.

Resource utilization

Keep an eye on your team’s workload and make timely staffing changes based on availability.

Resource skills

Retain top talent by aligning your team members’ skills and career paths with the right projects.

Cost management and control

Cost capture

Standardize the way you capture costs across all business functions within Oracle Cloud applications and third-party systems.

Cost control

Stay within your cost budget by having complete control over project costs and commitments across the procure-to-pay transaction lifecycle.

Cost Management

Always have the most up-to-date view of committed and actuals cost, whether you are billing clients, managing capital asset projects, or tracking internal costs.

Digital assistant

Ask project costing questions through Oracle Digital Assistant which learns from the overall project context to give you tailored suggestions.

Billing and revenue management

Customer invoicing

Maximize your organization’s cash flow and fulfill your customer’s needs quickly with automated project billing.

Contract compliance

Use billing controls and analytics to ensure that your projects always comply with the contract terms.

Project and contract relationships

Streamline the way you bill customers and recognize revenue with flexible project-contract relationships.

Revenue recognition

Stay in compliance by recognizing revenue in line with your organization’s financial accounting regulations.

Project asset management

Capital projects

Manage capital projects and calculate accumulated costs for your organization’s fixed assets to be built, installed, or acquired.

Capital asset and retirement costs

Streamline your capital project processes with built-in business flows for capital asset creation, cost capture, allocation and capitalization, and asset adjustment and retirement processing.

Capital project performance

Make critical project decisions with real-time insight into capital asset transactions needing attention.

Grant management

Award management

Fully control how funds are used in the post-award lifecycle to support sponsored projects.

Spending control

Keep your budgets in line by using built-in controls and having insight into the most current funding, commitments, and expenditures.

Indirect cost management

Get the most out of your reimbursements and reduce budgeting issues with built-in calculations to generate indirect costs.

Award billing

Automate sponsorship invoices in various formats, including a letter of credit, cost reimbursement, and fixed price.

Program management and reporting

Group related projects

Drive benefits for your business by tracking and coordinating related projects within programs.

Gain a complete view of projects and programs

Make confident decisions with project and program performance insights at your fingertips, and get a complete view of all projects rolled up across the organization.

Communicate with stakeholders

Ensure everyone is on the same page by easily sharing program progress and financial performance.

Project Management customer successes

A large and growing community of companies is improving project performance across organizations with connected, intelligent project management.

Exceed client expectations with projects that are on time and on budget.

HBR article highlights Oracle’s digital assistant for project management

Oracle's project management digital assistant provides instant status updates and helps users update time and task progress via text, voice, or chat. The digital assistant learns from past time entries, project planning data, and the overall context to tailor interactions and smartly capture critical project information.

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