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Oracle Risk Management

Automate advanced security and transaction monitoring to strengthen financial controls, ensure separation of duties (SoD), stop fraud, and streamline audit workflows.

Learn how to manage risk and compliance with AI and the cloud.

Risk Management

Build a risk-intelligent culture with built-in security, transaction, and audit monitoring.

Optimized security by design

Accelerate ERP security configuration

Automate the analysis required to ensure all roles are audit-ready.

Design roles without inherent risks

Utilize visualizations and simulations to make the best design decisions.

Access a library of prebuilt security rules

Use embedded sensitive access and SoD rules to ensure your roles are compliant prior to go-live.

Automate separation of duties (SoD) controls for compliance reporting

Report SoD results with confidence and ease

Rely on complete, built-in analysis of fine-grain functional access within the data security context (business unit, ledger, and more).

Visualize SoD analysis in minutes

Use the library of more than 100 SoD rules with configurable SOD reports and dashboards.

Protect security data from exposure

Eliminate the need to export sensitive security data for third-party services.

Digitize user access certification workflows

Certify access to sensitive functions

Scope sensitive roles and ensure users are authorized and approved.

Automate routing to direct manager

Streamline workflow by routing based on manager hierarchy and/or designated process owners.

Continuously certify new users with high-risk access

Minimize access risk by ensuring any new user granted sensitive access is promptly reviewed and certified.

Continuous monitoring of user security

Proactively monitor for security and privacy risk beyond compliance

Continuously analyze every user's security configuration to quickly identify policy violations.

Leverage easy-to-use visual workbench to tailor and create your own rules

Use prebuilt library of best-practice security rules, and author new rules quickly.

Manage access exceptions with ease

Use a simple incident workflow and dashboard to manage issues.

Continuous monitoring of changes to critical configurations

Automate risk-based analysis of setup and master data changes

Track and evaluate configuration changes across key processes including general ledger, accounts receivable/payable, expenses, project management, and procurement.

Rely on library of best-practice configuration rules

As an example, get alerts for frequent changes made to supplier bank accounts, payment methods, item master, accounting period, and more. Tailor prebuilt or author new rules using a built-in visual workbench.

Manage exceptions with ease

Ensure all exceptions are routed to process owners for timely reviews, replacing emails and spreadsheets.

Continuous monitoring of financial transactions

Audit 100% of all payment-related transactions

Use built-in AI to analyze all requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, expense reports, orders by customers on a watchlist, and more.

Stop significant cash loss

The average loss per case is US$1,509,000.

Manage exceptions with ease

Ensure all exceptions are routed to process owners for timely reviews (replacing emails and spreadsheets).

Eliminate exposure and loss of sensitive data

Protect your critical and sensitive data by eliminating the need to extract customer, supplier, and financial data outside of your ERP for security and fraud analysis.

Digitize audit and SOX compliance workflows

Simplify audits and assessments

Engage business process owners with streamlined documentation reviews, ad-hoc surveys, self-assessments, audit test plans, and certifications.

Report and track compliance issues

Identify issues, assign owners, and manage remediation plans.

Build trust and transparency with embedded dashboards

Share real-time dashboards with all stakeholders and offer restricted access to external auditors.

Digitize risk (enterprise risk management) and continuity (business continuity management) workflows

Build a risk-intelligent culture

Collaborate with business owners by using periodic surveys, assessments, and dashboards.

Understand your risks

Calculate risks using analysis and context models to determine the best course of action.

Prepare for the unexpected

Ensure business continuity with updated plans and readiness surveys.

Skechers logo

Skechers transforms internal audit to support global growth

How do you manage a multibillion-dollar business with an internal audit team of only 6 people? Skechers grew to a $4.5B global company with 60 business units around the world—while increasing headcount by only 2 employees.

Oracle Risk Management benefits

  • Secure your ERP and ensure audit-readiness from day 1

    Avoid costly user acceptance testing and audit issues by designing secure ERP roles before the system goes live.

  • Protect against fraud

    Prevent tampering by continuously monitoring transactions and sensitive ERP data with built-in AI.

  • Prepare for the unexpected

    Enable business continuity and resilience by adopting an AI-driven approach to risk management and security.

  • Build a risk-intelligent culture

    Improve financial oversight by linking risk to business results. Empower employees to balance opportunities with risks.

  • Read risk management use cases (PDF)

May 20, 2020

Streamline business continuity and readiness efforts

Sid Sinha, Vice President, Risk Cloud Product Strategy, Oracle

To ensure fast recovery from COVID-19, organizations need practical tools to manage business disruptions over the next 18 months. The impacts continue to be unpredictable, so leaders need to be flexible with their continuity and response policies. While each company’s situation is different, there are emerging best practices for quick and sustained recovery.

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