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As care continues to shift to outpatient venues, ensure you have the right technology in place to support continued growth. Oracle Health is streamlining clinical and operational workflows for clinics of all sizes to help improve productivity and outcomes across the care continuum through integration and an ambulatory-first focus in design and innovation.

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Deliver comprehensive care strategies with Oracle Health’s ambulatory-focused innovation, which aims to drive efficiency, foster care coordination, decrease cognitive burden, and simplify referral workflows for patients, practitioners, and practices.

Keep patients at the center of health innovation

With the rise of consumerism in healthcare, help meet the demands of your patient population with products focused on improving and streamlining their overall care experience. We are steadfast in keeping the patient, their safety, and the quality of care at the center of all our solutions.

Oracle Health Unified Consumer Communications

Streamline productive communications with your patient population with bidirectional text threads designed to enhance the patient experience and reduce the need to log in to a website or other communication platforms.

Digital patient intake

Enhance administrative efficiency and patient satisfaction by facilitating the completion of pre-visit intake forms, the review of clinical information, and a contactless patient check-in process via any patient device.

Oracle Health Patient Portal

Provide your patients with a single digital point of entry to navigate and participate in their care. Our solution helps support a guided care experience for patients by leveraging care location, scheduling, and virtual care services.

Video visits

Deliver nonemergency virtual care to enable patients to interact with their clinical care team—no matter where they are.

Products designed for clinicians, by clinicians

Facilitate the delivery of high-quality care and aid clinician satisfaction. Oracle Health delivers products that help promote increased usability and mobility, seamless communication, a clinically driven revenue cycle, and improved user experiences while reducing cognitive burden.

A patient-centric EHR

Experience an ambulatory EHR that delivers a longitudinal, patient-centric record across the continuum that includes content for 30-plus medical specialties. With support for both desktop and mobile use, clinicians can choose how they leverage the EHR.

Computer-assisted coding

Support the capture and validation of professional evaluation and management codes by using artificial intelligence to evaluate keywords, complex concepts, and phrases in the practitioner’s documentation.


Enable the free flow of data from outside systems into the EHR using standards, network connections, and nationwide exchanges to securely exchange patient data within clinical workflows.

Referral management

Leverage workflows designed to help manage and exchange patient information, improve communication and care coordination, and provide insights into referral backlog and leakage patterns.

Help drive efficiency across the clinic

Integration across systems and venues, including virtual health, can help drive efficiencies across your clinic’s workflows. Patient care flows between venues and members of the care team, and with Oracle Health, so does your data, providing an integrated experience across your organization.

Practice management

Take a one patient, one record approach from registration to billing. Oracle Health Specialty Practice Management is integrated with the EHR and help you efficiently manage registration and scheduling, patient accounting, transaction services, and more.

Implementation and support services

Focus on delivering optimal user experiences by combining your data with our latest tools and methodology and an analytics-driven support model at go-live. Ongoing support and coaching help ensure users efficiently leverage all available tools.

Population health management

Promote healthier populations and healthier outcomes by forming a comprehensive community-wide information network that focuses not only on a patient’s symptoms, but also their health history, mental health, and motivators, social and environmental factors, and more.

Reporting and analytics

Unleash the power of your data by connecting venues, technologies, payers, operations, and care teams. Spend less time searching for and preparing data and more time acting on it with interactive and visual tools that provide action-inspiring insights.

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Key benefits of our ambulatory solutions

  • Enhance the patient experience

    Patients are no longer passive participants—they expect a healthcare journey that’s informative and engaging. Help meet those needs by supporting their engagement and participation in their health outcomes.

  • Streamline clinician workflows

    Focus on helping to improve clinician satisfaction while reducing their cognitive burden with enhanced tools and a simplified, interoperable EHR.

  • Drive clinical, operational, and financial outcomes

    We help deliver value and drive efficiency across the continuum of care by combining new and enhanced products with an integrated, comprehensive approach.

  • Experience a holistic approach to customer support

    Dedicated implementation support, ongoing end user training and resources, cloud hosting, and 24/7 support are among the many resources available to our customers.

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