Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure

Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure is a highly automated, fully managed database environment running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with committed hardware and software resources. These isolated resources enable organizations to meet stringent security, availability, and performance requirements while reducing cost and complexity. Cloud native database capabilities make it easy to develop new applications while compatibility with on-premises Oracle databases simplifies migrating and consolidating databases for transaction processing, analytics, and mixed workloads.

Announcing availability of Globally Distributed Autonomous Database

Helping customers obtain the highest possible levels of scalability and availability, address data sovereignty requirements, and benefit from autonomous operations.

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    Oracle introduces integrated vector database to augment generative AI and dramatically increase developer productivity.

  • Key Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure concepts

    Learn how Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure provides complete isolation and operational control with dedicated system resources.

    Announcing availability of Oracle Autonomous Database for Developers

    Build and test new applications with no extra database costs using Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Cloud Infrastructure or Exadata Cloud@Customer.

    Key features of Autonomous Database on dedicated infrastructure

    Autonomous management

    The complexity of operating and securing Oracle Database is eliminated by automating tasks such as provisioning, configuring, securing, tuning, and scaling. This reduces the risk of human error by replacing manual administration with machine learning–driven automation.

    Dedicated infrastructure

    Dedicated resources in OCI, including processors, memory, networking, and storage, provide greater control over service levels and operational policies while enabling data isolation and performance predictability.

    Converged database

    Simple and complete database capabilities make it easy to create and extend applications with all data types, data models, and data processing using a single database system. This replaces the complexity and risk of managing multiple single-purpose databases.

    High performance

    Fast, predictable database performance is provided by monitoring and automatically adjusting resources, indexes, and query execution. Unique low latency, parallel query, and intelligent storage accelerate all types of database workloads.

    High availability

    The fault-tolerant Exadata platform combined with advanced features such as Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture enable 99.95% availability SLAs that increase to 99.995% when used with Autonomous Data Guard.

    Built-in security

    Powerful security controls help protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and cyberattacks. As a result, the risk of a data breach is reduced while privacy and regulatory requirements are addressed with always-on encryption, Oracle Data Safe, Oracle Database Vault, and OCI security.

    Maximum scalability

    Oracle Exadata’s scale-out architecture lets organizations independently configure compute and storage to optimize database performance and create data warehouses with up to 32 PB of capacity.

    Real-time data integration

    Oracle GoldenGate provides high-volume data replication optimized for Oracle Database. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration simplifies data migration into cloud platforms for data warehouses and data lakes.

    Consolidation efficiency

    Concurrently run autonomous and nonautonomous databases to increase consolidation efficiency while reducing both management and consumption costs.

    Applications and tools compatible with Autonomous Database

    Autonomous Database customer successes

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    Unicomer uses Autonomous Database to help business users find the information they need

    “With Oracle, we’ve reduced our costs by centralizing information and making it visible across the company, rather than having it compartmentalized by country or region.”

    Francisco Alas
    Business Operation Manager, Unicomer

    Cognizant modernizes data warehouse and analytics with Oracle Cloud

    "We are extremely satisfied with Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud. We trust in Oracle as well as the capabilities of its solutions, which is why we chose Oracle Cloud.”

    Santosh Chandrasekaran
    Associate Director, Financial and Operations IT Systems, Cognizant

    NEC boosts productivity and app development with Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud

    “We are very grateful to Oracle for supporting us on this journey to move our business applications to the cloud. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we can make app changes instantly and they are available to all our partners without any dependency from each local on-premises system.”

    Frank Krul
    Manager IT Business Applications, NEC Enterprise Solutions

    Analysts rank us above other cloud databases

    March 13, 2024

    Introducing Zero to Low-Cost Autonomous Database for Developers

    Simon Law, Senior Principal Product Manager, Autonomous Database

    Oracle Autonomous Database for Developers enables developers on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure and Exadata Cloud@Customer to experiment with Autonomous Database and build applications with no additional cost. The free developer databases are intended for development and functional testing.

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