Oracle Utilities Solutions for Asset Management

Oracle Utilities Solutions for Asset Management

Proactive Asset Management

Utilize automation, continual work improvement, and data analysis to quickly measure asset operations and lower operational costs.

Optimized Reliability and Performance

Prebuilt Dashboards, Real-Time Decisions
Prebuilt Dashboards, Real-Time Decisions icon Prebuilt Dashboards, Real-Time Decisions

Do you have a view of asset condition and criticality at all times?

Understanding the health of your assets in real time means you're making the right repair/replace decisions and effectively managing investment capital and operational spending.

Manage and Maximize Asset Life
Manage and Maximize Asset Life icon Manage and Maximize Asset Life

Can you readily identify the trends and causes of infrastructure failure?

You can prolong asset life and reduce costs by eliminating the patterns leading to asset failure, whether from material flaws, operating conditions, or work practices.

Are you able to provide smart, consistent experiences across all touchpoints?
Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle  icon Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle

Can you accommodate smart devices as part of your asset inventory and ensure their performance?

Smart meters and sensors rapidly lose much of their value unless you can track and manage their locations, software updates, comparative performances, and alterations.

Analytics for Proactive Maintenance
Analytics for Proactive Maintenance icon Analytics for Proactive Maintenance

Do you use proactive maintenance to improve asset performance and reduce risk?

If your maintenance is largely reactive, you're missing out on opportunities to significantly prolong asset life while cutting field-service costs.

A Path to World-Class Business Performance
A Path to World-Class Business Performance icon A Path to World-Class Business Performance

Is your staff using a financial reporting system that doesn't match the work they do?

Operational accounting can help you improve procurement, inventorying, maintenance, and replacement, while also producing accurate and complete financial reports.

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