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Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center

Network Visibility - Maximize the Value

Delivers business and network intelligence, empowering communication service providers to maintain an optimal subscriber experience.

  • The Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center (PIC) extensive protocol library and common analytical interface is the single, most valuable, network monitoring solution for CSPs.

  • Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center's applications service the needs of multiple departments, enabling in-depth, targeted analysis of network traffic customized to a particular need.

  • Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center may be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated with Oracle Communications signaling platforms, sharing configuration and reducing administrative overhead.

  • Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center's common set of applications are supported by a library of more than 120 protocol definitions targeting the needs of fixed and cellular networks.

  • Secure and protect networks and services; proactively identify new threats while monitoring identified threats.

  • Broad range of deployment options provide flexible and cost effective engineering that are specific to the budget and performance needs of the managed network.

Optimal Customer Experience

Optimal Customer Experience

  • Better business decisions in a fraction of the time
  • Convert network traffic into useful business intelligence: network performance, service assurance, subscriber profiling, marketing campaigns, network security
  • Ideal for CSPs managing network transition

SS7 Network Security

SS7 Network Security

  • Feel confident knowing your subscribers and network resources are secure
  • Organize and search massive amounts of signaling data in near real time
  • Quickly identify fraudulent activity or attempts at network abuse
  • Stay ahead of attackers with the ability to customize and implement new detection rules

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