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Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage—Simphony First Edition

Enterprise-Enabled Point of Sale

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition is a hospitality-management platform providing point-of-sale (POS) and back-office systems to support food and beverage enterprises.

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition offers an easy-to-use interface, enabling fast customer service and minimal staff training.

Reliable POS

A Reliable POS

  • Achieve consistency of menus, pricing, and promotions throughout the enterprise
  • Extend easily to include loss prevention, gift and loyalty, and inventory management
  • Manage multiple operation styles, concepts, and brands within one enterprise
  • Minimize total cost of ownership with one platform for all your technology needs
Mobile POS for Hospitality

Oracle Simphony First Edition running on Oracle MICROS Tablet 720 provides immediate guest service while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing the guest experience.

Go Mobile with Oracle MICROS Tablets

Go Mobile with Oracle MICROS Tablets

Oracle Hospitality provides you with the hardware you need to go mobile.

The Oracle MICROS Tablet 720 is changing the way customers engage guests, offering mobility combined with the benefits of a companion base station.

You can extend your food and beverage operations outdoors or adapt your service style at different times of the day.

The Oracle MICROS Tablet 720 combines affordable hardware and extended battery life, and come with all of the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by Oracle Hospitality software.

The tablet offer guaranteed all-day performance and reliability in sleek, ultra-modern device priced to fit any budget.

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Simphony for Multiple Operations
  • Suitable for all types of restaurant operations: table service, quick service, bars, and coffee shops
  • Ideal for industry and travel operations: corporate canteens, airports, train stations, and other hubs
  • Tailored to support food and beverage operations at hotels and resorts and on cruise ships
  • Functionality tailored to suit multiple operations at stadiums, arenas, casinos, and theme parks
Extend with a Fully Integrated Platform
  • Gift and loyalty: Create innovative loyalty programs to engage guests and manage gift cards efficiently
  • Inventory management: Minimize costs by improving visibility of your stock and reducing theft and waste
  • Loss prevention: Protect your business by identifying and reducing employee theft
  • Time and attendance: Track employee clock-in and clock-out and enforce point-of-sale access
Integrated POS for Hotels

Simphony First Edition POS for Hotels

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition is the ideal POS solution for hotels wishing to maximize food and beverage revenues and efficiency. Simphony First Edition integrates with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management to provide a complete hotel-technology solution.

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