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Oracle Hospitality for Hotels—OPERA Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Better Decisions with Actionable Analytics

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Advanced Reporting and Analytics enables better decisions through insights from your data. It comes with built-in capabilities for data cleansing, extensive standard reports and KPIs, and tools for ad-hoc queries, custom views, and reports.

OPERA Advanced Reporting and Analytics enables you to use the insights gained from operations data to improve your processes and deliver better guest experiences.

Pricing and Quoting

Key Features

  • Gain insights from data captured across functional areas, including hotel operations, revenue management, sales, and catering
  • Leverage standard reports and prebuilt KPIs to understand performance at the department, hotel, or chain level
  • Get information to the right people at the right time with alerts
  • Use powerful tools for ad-hoc data queries and custom reports
  • Empower business analysts with exports/imports to Microsoft Excel
Pricing and Quoting

Key Benefits

  • Enable better decisions with insights from your operations data
  • Enhance guest experiences and property management
  • Improve revenue management and distribution
  • Drive process efficiency
Casa de Campo Leverages Oracle Analytics to Accelerate Business

Using Oracle Hospitality solutions, Casa de Campo is making significant improvements in checkout, business reporting and analytics, and inventory management. (3:42)


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