Oracle Utilities Solutions for Executives

Oracle Utilities Solutions for Executives

Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk

Oracle utility-specific solutions enable operational excellence and enhance customer satisfaction by reducing time, cost, and risk.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver Greater Value Faster
Deliver Greater Value Faster icon Deliver Greater Value Faster

Are you meeting customer expectations?

Your customers want online payments, advice on lowering bills, rate choices, outage notifications, and conservation advice via web, e-mail, and text. Can you meet these needs?

Standard Streamlined Business Processes
Standard Streamlined Business Processes icon Standard Streamlined Business Processes

Are you meeting financial expectations while also adapting to regulatory and environmental standards?

Advanced software applications and analytics can help you track performance, uncover hidden obstacles, and incorporate new standards into your programs and processes.

Turn Big Data into Actionable Insight
Turn Big Data into Actionable Insight icon Turn Big Data into Actionable Insight

Is your staff extracting full value from smart meters and grid sensors?

You need answers to the challenges you're facing in operational efficiency and service excellence. Advanced analytics can help your employees exceed their goals.

Maximize Work and Asset Management
Maximize Work and Asset Management icon Maximize Work and Asset Management

Can you prioritize the investments needed to improve reliability, ensure compliance, and reduce risk?

New, strategic approaches to asset performance, device monitoring, and management of the types of work you do can ensure that every investment accelerates the achievement of goals.

Optimize Your Changing Workforce
Optimize Your Changing Workforce icon Optimize Your Changing Workforce

Can you handle the training and technology challenges of replacing retiring members?

You can avoid costly operational errors by capturing knowledge before employees retire and making that knowledge easily accessible to new staff members.