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Embedding Sustainability into Business Operations

Green Business Operations

Oracle’s sustainability solutions enable you to design more environmentally friendly products, source materials responsibly, and manufacture and transport products in a sustainable way. Oracle’s Internet of Things provides data-driven insight to help you reduce environmental impacts while saving costs and delivering even higher levels of service. And Oracle also has programs for taking products back at the end of their useful life.

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    Design for the Environment

    Take environmental impacts into consideration during the design of products and comply with regulatory directives.


    Sustainable Sourcing

    Build a sustainable supply chain and select suppliers based on your sustainability-related selection criteria.


    Sustainable Manufacturing

    Streamline your manufacturing production cycle to eliminate waste and reduce resource consumption.


    Sustainable Logistics

    Optimize your transportation load, dock, and routing activities for reduced energy consumption and emissions.


    Supply Chain Planning

    Design your supply network with sustainability in mind by optimizing the use of constrained environmental resources.


    Product Takeback and Recycling

    Minimize environmental waste, recover the maximum value from returned materials, and comply with regulation.


    Facilities and Asset Management

    Maximize the use of your assets while ensuring best sustainability practices and quality compliance.


    Smart Utility Grids

    Optimize your distribution of energy for a smarter grid and help consumers reduce energy consumption.


    Sustainable Cities

    Empower citizens to influence their behavior and provide a city infrastructure to optimize data center efficiency.

Cisco's Commitment to a Sustainable Supply Chain

Cisco leverages Oracle Supply Chain Management applications to fulfill its commitment to managing a sustainable supply chain by embedding environmental considerations and best practices in its core business processes.

Henkel Wins Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award
Henkel Wins Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award

Henkel Global Supply Chain B.V. rolls out Oracle Transportation Management to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Walgreens Delivers
Walmart Drives Sustainability with Oracle RightNow

Walmart has adopted Oracle RightNow to simplify the capture of thousands of supplier sustainability innovations.

Shawnee State Reduces Environmental Impact With Oracle Cloud
Shawnee State Reduces Environmental Impact With Oracle Cloud

Learn about the environmental impact and capital reductions at Shawnee State University as it uses Oracle’s Cloud applications for ERP and HCM to further its sustainability initiatives.


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