Articles: Big Data

JSON in Motion [November 2016]
by Arup Nanda
Create JSON documents by using plain SQL, text indexes for fuzzy searches, and relational views.

Social Network Analysis [September 2016]
by Mark Rittman
Use Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph to analyze social networks.

Prepare, Secure, and Publish [March 2016]
by Mark Rittman
Automate ingesting, profiling, and transforming data so you can use it in the big data cloud and other environments.

Create a Data Reservoir with Oracle GoldenGate [November 2015]
by Mark Rittman
Replicate and stream data from Oracle Database 12c to Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Run with JSON [January 2015]
by Arup Nanda
Store JSON natively in Oracle Database 12c, and access it via SQL.

Big Data Meets Business Intelligence [September 2014]
by Mark Rittman
Explore Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine examples and tutorials to see how big data gets reported.

Hands On Lab: NoSQL Installation and Clustering Exercises [July 2014]
by Robert Greene, Oracle and Seth Miller
Hands on Lab using Oracle Oracle NoSQL Database demonstrates how to install, set up clusters and examine the HA capabilities of Oracle NoSQL Database

Hands On Lab: Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database [April 2014]
by Martin Gubar, Oracle
Hands on Lab using Oracle Big Data Lite VM and Oracle NoSQL Database in the context of the Oracle MoviePlex application. Create schemas, load data and then utilize that data in the online movie application.

Oracle 12c & Hadoop: Optimal Data Store and Processing for Big Data [March 2014]
by Wissem EL Khlifi (Oracle ACE)
How to use Hadoop Ecosystem tools to extract data from Oracle 12c database, use the Hadoop Framework to process and transform data, and then load the data processed within Hadoop into an Oracle 12c database.

How to Set Up a Hadoop Cluster [February 2014]
by Orgad Kimchi
How to combine an Apache Hadoop cluster with Oracle Solaris Zones and the new network virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11 to set up a Hadoop cluster on a single system. As a prerequisite, you should have a basic understanding of Oracle Solaris Zones and networking administration.

De-mystifying "Eventual Consistency" in Distributed Systems -- Oracle NoSQL Database [December 2013]
by by Ashok Joshi, Sr. Director of Development, Oracle
There’s been a lot of talk about the notion of eventual consistency, mostly in the context of NoSQL databases and “Big Data”. This short article explains the notion of consistency, and also how it is relevant for building NoSQL applications.

Enterprise Application Development with Oracle NoSQL Database [December 2012]
by Re Lai
Oracle NoSQL Database is a horizontally scalable key-value database. Built by the acclaimed Berkley DB team, it features excellent performance, tunable consistency, integration with Hadoop, with a simple but powerful client API.

Using Oracle NoSQL Database with Hadoop [June 2012]
by Deepak Vohra
Get a test project up and running to explore the basic principles involved.

Oracle NoSQL Database: Facilitating Efficient Storage of Massive Amounts of Data in a Simple, Flexible Format [April 2012]
by Oracle Magazine
Dave Segleau, director of product management at Oracle, talks about Oracle NoSQL and its capabilities for big data management.

How to Implement a Big Data System
[Feb. 2012]
by Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Understanding a big data infrastructure by looking at a typical use case.

Using Oracle Berkeley DB as a NoSQL Data Store [Feb. 2011]
by Shashank Tiwari
Learn why and how Oracle Berkeley DB can bring NoSQL benefits to your app.