Communications Articles

Accelerating Multimedia Application Development with JSR 309 Media Server Control API (April 2010)
by Marc Brandt, Tomas Ericson, and Alain Comment
Learn how to build a SIP Servlet conferencing application using the JSR 309 Reference Implementation Driver running in Oracle Communications Converged Application Server and accessing the HP OpenCall Media Platform

Joining Oracle Complex Event Processing and J2ME to React to Location and Positioning Events (March 2010)
by Daniel Amadei
How to join the power of the Location API for J2ME (JSR 179) with Oracle Complex Event Processing to deliver business applications that can't be built without an event processing tool.

End-to-end IMS Application Development with Nokia Siemens Networks IDP Development Tools (March 2008)
by Dennis Luemkemann and Manfred Jakesch
Learn how to develop and test an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) application with both a client and a server, using the free standards-based development tools from the Nokia Siemens Networks IMS Developer Program and Oracle WebLogic SIP Server (WLSS)

IMS Service Creation with Ericsson Service Development Studio and Oracle WebLogic SIP Server (Jan. 2008)
by Amin Daya and Marco Rodriguez
Using the Ericsson Service Development Studio (SDS) to develop and test IMS applications

Benchmark of BEA WebLogic SIP Server on Intel Xeon Processor (Oct. 2007)
by David Verbeiren and Stefano Gioia, Martin Lloyd, Scott Mordue
To benchmark the BEA WebLogic Communication Platform on the latest Intel server platforms, a straightforward benchmarking exercise was undertaken at the Intel laboratories in Kontich, Belgium. Here are the results.

An Introduction to the JAIN SIP API (Oct. 2007)
by Emmanuel Proulx
This article shows how to develop client-side applications using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) on Java SE.

Understanding the IMS Charging Architecture (July 2007)
by Stefano Gioia and Tomasz Radziszewski
Learn the various IMS architectures that can be used for charging and how to implement them using Oracle WebLogic SIP Server and the Diameter protocol.

Introduction to the SIP API for Java ME (May 2007)
by Emmanuel Proulx
This tutorial provides an easy-to-follow approach to developing a Java ME application that uses SIP.

Exposing a Radisys Convedia Media Server feature as a Web Service using Oracle WebLogic SIP Server (Dec. 2006)
by Marcelo Oliveira, Jeff Bean and Garland Sharratt
This article presents a sample SIP servlet-based application built using WebLogic Workshop that leverages WebLogic SIP Server to drive any products in the RadiSys family of Convedia Media Servers.

The SIP Servlet Programming Model (Dec. 2006)
by Nasir Khan
After reading this article you will be able to understand and appreciate the design motivations of the SIP servlet container.

An IMS Application Example Based on SIP Servlets and VoiceXML (June 2006)
by David Burke and Darragh O'Flanagan
In this article, we introduce the key points of the IMS architecture and present a complete application based on Java SIP servlets and VoiceXML, which are consistent with this architecture.

Driving a Cantata Media Server with Oracle WebLogic SIP Server and WebLogic Workshop (May 2006)
by Jeff Bean, Sudhrity Mondal, and Marcelo Oliveira
This article presents a sample application that illustrates converged HTTP/SIP application development with WebLogic SIP Server and WebLogic Workshop, media server interoperability with WebLogic SIP Server, and best practices around building SIP-based applications when considering multiple presentation media and divergent media standards.

An Introduction to SIP, Part 2: SIP Servlets (Feb. 2006)
by Emmanuel Proulx
Learn the basics about SIP servlet technology and follow an annotated example.

An Introduction to SIP, Part 1: Meet SIP (Sept. 2005)
by Emmanuel Proulx
This article provides a general and technical introduction to SIP, and shows how SIP is an important enabler of telecommunication solutions.