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Inefficiency of Direct-Path Bulk Bind Inserts
[November 2017]

by Paul Guerin
Oracle Database offers a number of methods to load many rows in a table. Beware of the storage inefficiency of small bulk bind inserts that use the direct path.

Quick Tip: Migrating Data using Data Pump
[November 2017]

by Paul Guerin
Export to a significantly smaller dump file using the advanced compression capability of Oracle Database 12c Data Pump.

Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service: A Timely Revisit
[October 2017]

by Jim Czuprynski
An experienced Oracle Database DBA provides his perspective on the latest incarnation of Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service (AKA: Exadata Express)

Partitioned In-Database Machine Learning Model
[August 2017]

by Brendan Tierney, Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Database includes a suite of machine learning algorithms that are built into the core of the database and are available in the Enterprise Edition. Learn how to create a partitioned machine learning model using the Oracle Data Miner tool and how you can use this model to score or label new data using a SQL query.

Tech Article: Implementing ASM-Scoped & Database-Scoped Security on Oracle Exadata Database Machine
[July 2017]
by Deiby Gómez , YV Ravikumar
Oracle Exadata Storage Server security has two modes: ASM-Scoped Security and Database-Scoped Security. This article describes the use cases for both approaches.

Improved Defaults in Oracle Database 12c
[May 2016]

by Connor McDonald
The new DEFAULT clause provides better values for getting started and better performance.

Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate
[May 2016]

by Joel Goodman
Test your Oracle Database 12
c skills.

A Fresh Look at Auditing Row Changes
[March 2016]

by Connor McDonald
Triggers can provide auditing information, but there’s a future in flashback.

Lock It Down
[March 2016]

by Arup Nanda
Limit authorization to only those who need it, and remove all-powerful superuser roles with Oracle Database Vault.

Tech Article: Predictive Queries in Oracle Database 12c
[January 2015]

by Brendan Tierney, Oracle Ace Director
Use Predictive Queries to build and score data quickly using the in-database data mining algorithms, without needing to understand the required settings and fine-tuning of the models.

Tech Article: Manage the Information Lifecycle
[January 2015]

by Anita Mukundan
Use Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization in Oracle Database 12c to take your data’s temperature and manage storage efficiently.

Tech Article: Run with JSON
[January 2015]

by Arup Nanda
Store JSON natively in Oracle Database 12c, and access it via SQL.

Tech Article: Multitenant Database Management
[November 2014]

by Puneet Sangar
Manage users, roles, privileges, and resources in container databases and pluggable databases.

Tech Article: A Perfect Plan
[November 2014]

by Arup Nanda, Oracle ACE Director
Learn how adaptive plans in Oracle Database 12c compute the perfect plan—even when statistics are imperfect.

Tech Article: Basics of the Multitenant Container Database
[September 2014]

by Anita Mukundan
Consolidate multiple databases with Oracle Database 12

Tech Article: It’s All In
[September 2014]

by Arup Nanda, Oracle ACE Director
Leverage the in-memory column store in Oracle Database In-Memory to supercharge database performance—without changing application code.

Tech Article: Data Redaction in Oracle Database 12c
[September  2014]

by Alex Zabala, Oracle ACE
Tips and tricks for using Data Redaction features available in the Advanced Security option in Oracle Database 12c.

Tech Article: Managing Fragmentation and Tablespace in Oracle Database 12c
[August 2014]
by Liron Amitzi
The shrink table command is very useful in many cases. However, there are use cases in which a serious fragmentation might occur.

Tech Article: DDL Optimization in Oracle Database 12c
[July 2014]
by Mohamed Houri
An overview of the powerful optimization capabilities for improving Data Definition Language operations in Oracle Database.

Tech Article: Nonstop Partition Operations in Oracle Database 12c
[May 2014]

by Arup Nanda
Oracle Partitioning delivers online partition moves, selective indexes on partitions, and asynchronously maintained global indexes to Oracle Database 12c.

Tech Article: Invisible Columns in Oracle Database 12c
[April 2014]

by Alex Zabala, Oracle ACE & Daniel Da Meda (OCM)
Tips and tricks for managing and maintaining data in invisible columns in Oracle Database 12c

Tech Article: An insight into Oracle Flex ASM and its Benefits for Oracle Database 12c
[March 2014]
by Deiby Gómez , YV Ravikumar  & Nassyam Basha 
How “Flex ASM” and “Flex Cluster” support demanding requirements of Cloud Computing-oriented environments.

Tech Article: Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Write-Back Flash Cache in Oracle Database 12c
[March 2014]
by Deiby Gómez , YV Ravikumar
How to use the Write-Back Flash Cache feature to leverage the Exadata Flash hardware and make Exadata Database Machine a faster system for Oracle Database Deployments.

Tech Article: Build an Enterprise-Grade PHP Stack with Zend Server and Oracle Database
[March 2014]
by Vikram Viswani
The quick way to create an Oracle/PHP/Apache/Linux (OPAL) development and deployment environment.

Tech Article: Playing Nice Together   [March 2014]
by Arup Nanda
Use the Consolidated Database Replay feature of Oracle Real Application Testing in Oracle Database 12c to gauge the impact of consolidating workloads.

Tech Article: Hide from Prying Eyes   [January 2014]
by Arup Nanda
Use Data Redaction in Oracle Database 12c to hide sensitive data automatically.

Tech Article: Making the Move from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator 12c   [January 2014]
by Stewart Bryson
Oracle ACE Stewart Bryson's detailed guide to a phased migration to Oracle Data Integrator 12c that makes use of the integration and migration capabilities in ODI 12c.

Tech Article: ASM Enhancements in Oracle Database 12c
   [December 2013]
by Arup Nanda
An overview of the landmark enhancements to ASM functionality in Oracle Database 12c.

Tech Article: On Oracle 12c - Part 2
   [November 2013]
by Tom Kyte
Read how to find a match for your SQL using Row Pattern Matching in Oracle Database 12c.

Tech Article: Manageability Features in Oracle Database 12c
[October 2013]
by Arup Nanda  
Walk through new evaluation capabilities of the crsctl command that allows DBAs to "preview" the command before committing.

Tech Article: How to install Oracle 12c Multitenant Pluggable Databases
[September 2013]
by Arup Nanda
Review Oracle Database 12c multitenant architecture and Install Pluggable Databases.

Tech Article: On Oracle 12c - Part 1
[September 2013]
by Tom Kyte
Read how Oracle Database 12c improves default values, handles bigger datatypes and FETCHes.

Tech Article: Many in One
[September 2013]
by Arup Nanda
Create many databases in one database instance with the Oracle Database 12c multitenant architecture.

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