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Marrying the Worlds of HTML 5 and ADF [September 2014]
by Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema
Lucas Jellema demonstrates how, within the context of an ADF (or WebCenter Portal) application, even developers with no ADF skills at all can integrate small or large components developed with AngularJS outside of the ADF application.

Data Presenter Framework - Webcenter Portal PS7 [September 2014]
by Rohan Walia
This technical article illustrates how to use the Data Presenter in Oracle WebCenter Portal to create data controls and workflows at runtime.

Virus-proofing Oracle WebCenter Content 11g with Oracle API Gateway 11g [June 2014]
by Marcelo Parisi
Marcelo Parisi's article is a proof-of-concept for a basic infrastructure re-architecture and software configuration needed to implement a basic virus-checking routine on files before they get to Oracle WebCenter Content.

Building a Responsive WebCenter Portal Application [April 2014]
by JayJay Zheng
Oracle ACE JayJay Zheng's article addresses the essentials of responsive web design, shows you how to design and develop a responsive WebCenter Portal application, and reviews key development considerations.

Building an Oracle WebCenter Default Search Adapter [November 2013]
by Daniel Merchán Garcia
Solution architect Daniel Merchán Garcia shares sample code and step-by-step instructions for building a Twitter search adapter for Oracle WebCenter Portal.

Setting up Oracle JDeveloper for WebCenter Portal Asset Development [November 2013]
by Mitchell Palski
Oracle WebCenter Portal's round-trip development features allow you to download assets from Oracle WebCenter Portal and upload them to JDeveloper for maintenance or enhancement. In this article you'll learn how to set up your development environment for WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter Spaces Performance Analysis and Tuning in Practice [April 2013]
by JayJay Zheng
A post-development performance tuning practice for addressing Oracle WebCenter Spaces performance issues.

Oracle ADF: Put on a Friendly Face [November 2011]
by Frank Nimphius
Frank Nimphius shows you how to build a custom look and feel for your Oracle ADF Faces applications.

A Role-Based Approach to Automated Provisioning and Personalized Portals [January 2011]
by Rex Thexton, Nishidhdha Shah, and Harish Gaur
Rex Thexton, Nishidhdha Shah, and Harish Gaur break it down on the final article in the Fusion Middleware Patterns series.

Building Agile Applications Using Fusion Development and Oracle Enterprise Architecture Principles [June 2010]
by Mike Blackmore, Hamza Jahangir, Harish Gaur, and Basheer Khan
Mike Blackmore, Hamza Jahangir, Harish Gaur, and Basheer Khan illustrate the implementation of Fusion Development and Oracle Enterprise Architecture principles at British Telecom and Pardee Homes.

Automating Enterprise Reporting with SOA and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher [June 2010]
by John Chung and Harish Gaur
A step-by-step guide to the development of an automated reporting platform using Oracle's SOA Suite, WebCenter, and Business Intelligence Publisher.

Building Enterprise 2.0 Applications [August 2009]
by Nam Doan-Huy, YiHong Xu, Narshimha Rao Kondapaka, and Melody Wood
Getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

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