Utilities Market Settlements Management from Oracle

Energy markets are growing more complex, and so are the ways participants trade and account for transactions. Oracle helps utilities be ready with a market settlement solution that is easy to use, agile, and intelligent.

Simplify your market settlements.

Energy market settlement, powered by Oracle

Oracle Utilities Market Settlements Management (MSM) brings your entire settlements process to light with unparalleled process visibility, reliable calculations, advanced data insights, robust modeling, and process automation.

End-to-end settlements

Oracle Utilities MSM is a modern, agile solution that delivers reliable core processes, advanced automation, and the adaptability needed to meet market needs today and in the dynamic energy landscape ahead.

Market settlements for all

MSM is built for all market players, from retailers and wholesalers to transmission and distribution. MSM supports load, capacity, shadow, and ancillary settlements as well as forecasting and backcasting.

Navigate market settlements changes

MSM can scale to support extreme volumes of data and settlements transactions. It has supported utility market players all over the world as they navigate market and technology transformation.

MSM overview

Complex calculations

With MSM you'll be ready for more granular settlements, changing settlements timetables, complex calculations like time-of-use rates, or changing cost structures such as renewable incentives or carbon taxes.

Configurable interface

A flexible toolkit allows you to easily configure the solution to meet your changing market needs. Even as market dynamics continue to change in the years ahead, keeping pace means only simple configuration updates.

Market communications

Define market messages and coordinate communications with the market.

Support for Changing Settlement Requirements

Comprehensive data

MSM collects usage, customer, weather, and market data for you, then uses it to perform the aggregations and calculations required by business operations, the market, and regulatory agencies.

Settlements accuracy

A single data platform for settlements ensures consistency and integrity—and greater settlements accuracy. Visually compare settlements results to easily find errors.

Process efficiency

Settlement flows track process for improved visibility and process flows guide users step by step—helping reduce human error and improve overall process efficiency and accuracy.

Compliance reporting

Our solution provides unprecedented visibility into the settlements process. Easily publish and analyze reports to demonstrate compliance and to identify hidden discrepancies.

Data Integrity and Settlements Accuracy

Simplify settlements operations

MSM automates data management, preparation, and financial calculations so you can focus on other priorities instead of data preparation.

Market Settlements Management benefits

  • 01Settle with confidence

    Build confidence across your business with a robust calculation engine, process visibility, and easy compliance reporting.

    Read the MSM datasheet (PDF)

  • 02Prepare for the future of your energy business

    Get reliability, advanced automation, and adaptability to meet your needs in the dynamic energy market ahead.

    Read the global trends datasheet (PDF)

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