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Water Solutions Icon Prepare for a Thirsty World

What water utilities need to succeed are customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Solutions for Water Utilities
Water Solutions Icon Solutions for Water Utilities

Growing populations. Changing climate. Aging infrastructure.

Utilities face increasing obstacles to a clean and sustainable water future, while water scarcity mandates conservation programs and value-focused asset management.

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San Jose Water Improves Service and Productivity

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing has a really powerful rating engine. I couldn’t imagine any product or commodity that couldn’t be calculated by CC&B.

- Dana Drysdale, VP, Information Systems, San Jose Water Company
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Yarra Valley Water Shortens Billing from 9 Seconds to a Subsecond

By taking advantage of the engineered systems’ stability and high performance, we’ve…cut overnight billing runtime by 71 percent and improved staff productivity and customer satisfaction.

- Ramesh Subramaniam, Chief Architect, Yarra Valley Water

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