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Oracle Modern Best Practice for Public Sector—Goal Setting to Performance

Goal Setting to Performance
Align Employee and Agency Goals

Goal Setting to Performance

A McKinsey & Company study found that (Public Sector) transformations where staff were involved in setting goals were 22 percent more likely to be successful than those where goals were set solely by a central team.* With Oracle Modern Best Practice, you can use mobile, social, analytics, and cloud to ensure that talent goals are aligned with your agency’s objectives as well as union and policy mandates. Track the goals and activities that affect the performance of your critical citizen support staff, planners, agency associates, and civil servants. Draft, review, and finalize individual goals using private, secure social collaboration. Know which employees want to further their careers with automatic status updates of certifications including education in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Proactively address turnover risk by identifying associates to retain as well as those with a high risk of leaving.

*Source: McKinsey & Company: Delivering for Citizens: How to Triple the Success Rate of Public Sector Transformations,” June 2018

Align Goals and Business Objectives
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Align Goals and Business Objectives

Define and align organizational unit and employee goals to agency objectives as well as union and policy mandates. Review goal progress with dashboards.

Draft the Objectives
Mobile. Social. icon Mobile. Social.

Draft Objectives

The employee and/or organizational unit share the first draft of objectives for achieving set goals with the manager.

Improve Goal Attainment with Social
Mobile. Social.

Improve Goal Attainment with Social

Use embedded, secure social collaboration to enhance goal achievement processes and increase the likelihood of success.

Finalize Goals
Finalize Objectives icon Mobile.

Finalize Goals

Agree and finalize the objectives based on feedback.

Employee Self-Evaluation
Employee Self-Assessment icon Mobile.

Employee Self-Evaluation

According to a predetermined schedule, the employee conducts a self-evaluation to measure his/her performance on goals and inherent job-specific competencies.

Solicit Third-Party Feedback
Finalize Objectives icon Mobile. Social. Big Data.

Solicit Third-Party Feedback

The employee and/or organization identifies relevant third parties and asks them to provide feedback on individual performance.

Evaluate Employee Performance
Finalize Objectives icon Mobile. Social.

Evaluate Employee Performance

The employee and/or manager review third-party feedback and update the evaluation, validating goal attainment. Provide frequent performance reviews and finalize the evaluation.

Finalize Objectives
Mobile. Analytics. icon Mobile. Analytics.

Predict Worker and Team Performance

Predict voluntary turnover and associate and/or leader performance to take proactive actions within compliance rules.

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