OCI Cache

Achieve submillisecond latency with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Cache, a fully managed Redis service engineered for exceptional scalability and consistent high availability. Propel your applications to perform faster and more reliably than ever.

Introducing OCI Cache

Our rebranded service offers the same powerful caching solutions with enhanced performance and scalability for high performance web applications, real-time analytics, and more.

“OCI provided us with a comprehensive suite of managed open source services—Oracle Kubernetes Engine, OCI Database with PostgreSQL, and OCI Cache—and also offered a clear roadmap and extensive support. The standout factor was OCI's cost efficiency, being less than half the cost. But our collaboration with OCI demonstrates a partnership that extends beyond technology, highlighting their support and commitment to our project's goals.”

Warren Wilbee SVP of Global Product Development, Körber Supply Chain

Why OCI Cache?

  • Simple, flexible, scalable

    OCI Cache offers a user-friendly and versatile caching solution. With it, you can adjust your cluster resources easily and precisely to meet your capacity needs rather than being constrained by rigid, fixed configurations. Our service provides the scalability necessary to seamlessly grow along with your application demands.

  • Fully managed

    Enjoy the convenience of a fully managed caching service. OCI Cache automates cluster deployment, failover, and patching processes, relieving you of the manual overhead associated with these critical tasks. Focus more on your business objectives and less on operational management.

  • Fully open

    At Oracle, we are committed to the open source community and uphold the integrity of the code we use. OCI Cache is fully compatible with Redis, the industry-leading in-memory data structure store, known for its versatility and performance. It enables you to use familiar Redis commands and leverage existing Redis workloads without any changes to your application code.

How does OCI Cache work?

OCI Cache is ideal for applications that need to deliver fast, real-time data. Leverage Cache to enhance the performance and safeguard MySQL databases from abrupt spikes in usage. OCI Cache offers a seamless way to add a protective layer in front of your application or database, boosting performance and enabling efficient control over your database instance's scalability and costs. With this fully managed service, you're free from the hassle of handling repetitive tasks, saving you time and resources.

Diagram showing how OCI Cache works, description below Diagram illustrating the data flow from users to back-end in an application using OCI Cache. Users (end user or API service) initiate requests, which are processed by the application (container, virtual machine, or application). OCI Cache enhances speed and reduces load on the central database. Data requests hit the OCI Cache first; if not found, they are retrieved from the database. Benefits include rapid processing, ideal for infrequent data changes, and reduced database load.
Boosting your database with OCI Cache

OCI Cache use cases

  • Web applications

    Speed up dynamic web applications by caching session states, HTML fragments, and data queries.

  • Real-time analytics

    Provide faster access to analytics and real-time data processing to drive decision-making processes.

  • Gaming

    Improve game performance with rapid access to game states, session information, and leaderboards.

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Try 20+ Always Free cloud services, with a 30-day trial for even more

Oracle offers a Free Tier with no time limits on more than 20 services such as Autonomous Database, Arm Compute, and Storage, as well as US$300 in free credits to try additional cloud services. Get the details and sign up for your free account today.

  • What’s included with Oracle Cloud Free Tier?

    • 2 Autonomous Databases, 20 GB each
    • AMD and Arm Compute VMs
    • 200 GB total block storage
    • 10 GB object storage
    • 10 TB outbound data transfer per month
    • 10+ more Always Free services
    • US$300 in free credits for 30 days for even more

Learn with step-by-step guidance

Experience a wide range of OCI services through tutorials and hands-on labs. Whether you're a developer, admin, or analyst, we can help you see how OCI works. Many labs run on the Oracle Cloud Free Tier or an Oracle-provided free lab environment.

  • Get started with OCI core services

    The labs in this workshop cover an introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) core services including virtual cloud networks (VCN) and compute and storage services.

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  • Autonomous Database quick start

    In this workshop, you’ll go through the steps to get started using Oracle Autonomous Database.

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  • Build an app from a spreadsheet

    This lab walks you through uploading a spreadsheet into an Oracle Database table, and then creating an application based on this new table.

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  • Deploy an HA application on OCI

    In this lab you’ll deploy web servers on two compute instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), configured in High Availability mode by using a Load Balancer.

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