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Oracle Customer Success—ASYS Groupe

ASYS Groupe

ASYS overhauls its business model in Oracle Cloud


Moving to Oracle Cloud changed everything for the company’s strategy. It changed all the development cycles, the business approaches, the business model.

— Gregory Blain, Marketing Director, ASYS

The developer runs its workforce-management software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, making it faster and less costly to onboard and service its customers.
Business Challenge
  • ASYS Groupe, based in Paris, develops and integrates a range of workforce management and human resource planning software. Its two main products are So’Horsys, software for managing HR planning, absences, and working hours, aimed at small and midsize customers; and Chronos, time and activity management and HR planning software aimed at large enterprises.
  • ASYS software used to be delivered as an on-premises application, installed directly onto its customers’ servers, resulting in long integration cycles and expensive licensing agreements.
  • Since moving its HR software onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ASYS has gone from managing multiple versions of its on-premises application to managing just one version of its cloud-based platform. This makes it much easier to provide its 1200 customers with regular updated capabilities. And now, rather than having to fix the same bug on each of its clients’ on-premises systems, ASYS simply applies a single patch to the entire platform for all customers, often before they even realize a bug exists.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s regional data centers in Australia and Germany provide yet another advantage. With many of ASYS’s application development partners in Sydney and Frankfurt, the company can deliver new and enhanced software capabilities to its customers much faster than running its software on premises. 

Why They Chose Oracle

ASYS chose to run its software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, rating its price-to-performance ratio and customer support as superior to competing offerings from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

The Oracle Cloud Cost Estimator, an online calculator for comparing “pay as you go” and “monthly flex” cloud infrastructure pricing models, made it easy for ASYS to prepare its own pricing strategies for its service catalogs.

With AWS and Microsoft Azure, in contrast, ASYS was forced into rigid pricing bands, with huge, often unforeseen penalties for using more resources than it was originally allocated, or it was locked into paying for full capacity even when it consumed fewer resources than what the pricing band included.

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Published:  Jul 27, 2020