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Oracle Customer Success—Nestlé BabyNes (Nestlé S.A.)

Nestlé BabyNes (Nestlé S.A.)

Nestlé BabyNes Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Oracle Service Cloud


Oracle Service Cloud enabled us to provide superior customer service, launch better campaigns, and monitor our activities on an integrated omni-channel cloud platform. We have saved time, effort, money, and can focus more on giving parents the support they need for their baby’s nutrition.

— Isabelle Simal, International Customer Service Manager, Nestlé BabyNes (Nestlé S.A.)

Nestlé BabyNes Boosts Marketing Efficiency and Consumer Service, Optimizes Budgets with Cloud Platform

Nestlé BabyNes is a startup of the Nutrition division of Nestlé, the world’s largest food company. Nestlé created BabyNes based on breast milk. BabyNes consists of a high-tech machine and a range of completely new baby nutrition formulas that are suitable for children up to 3 years of age. BabyNes also offers different services that provide parents with all information they need.

After launching in Switzerland in 2011 and France in 2012, Nestlé BabyNes has rapidly expanded internationally, introducing the system in China, Hong Kong, and the United States. This expansion fueled the need for a centralized, multilingual customer management platform, fully integrated with BabyNes’ internal systems to provide a comprehensive and coherent service to consumers regardless of location or language spoken.

Business Challenge
  • Deliver a coherent, high-level customer experience by integrating telephony, social media, text messaging, chat, and email management onto a single customer relationship management (CRM) platform—a capability which proved impossible with the previous system
  • Provide agents with a rich knowledgebase and 360-degree view of customers in order to deliver superior service to parents and future parents concerning their child’s nutrition
  • Enable research and development as well as marketing teams to rapidly adapt and enhance strategies by introducing comprehensive reporting tools and customer feedback mechanisms
  • Enable consumers to rapidly find answers to questions and concerns through an intuitive self-service tool and with the ability to interact with agents using multiple communication channels
  • Reduce the cost and effort to design, launch, and monitor marketing campaigns
  • Boosted customer service and marketing efficiency and reduced costs by using Oracle Service Cloud to implement a centralized, multilingual, omni-channel CRM platform used by all members of the BabyNes team in addition to agents across four shared-service call centers—also integrating email which was attempted unsuccessfully with previous system
  • Enhanced management decision support, and sales and customer behavior analysis—vital for the success of BabyNes—with Oracle Service Cloud’s powerful reporting tool that enables BabyNes to effectively monitor and rapidly adapt its offer of baby nutritional products and services
  • Achieved savings of US$100,000 by using Oracle Service Cloud’s Outreach module for email marketing and newsletters, eliminating expensive license costs for previous marketing platform in addition to agency fees
  • Enhanced the customer journey and contact plan thanks to a single system with defined processes and targeted communications for prospects, purchasers, and consumers—boosting marketing effectiveness while ensuring a high-quality customer experience
  • Enlarged knowledgebase by 30% to provide a better self-service experience to new parents, enabling them to find answers to more questions faster without needing to contact BabyNes customer service
  • Increased the quality of inbound and outbound interactions by providing agents with an augmented knowledgebase and a 360-degree view of each customer on a single platform—ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date and that agents no longer need to search through multiple separate applications
  • Delivered a unified CRM system by integrating Oracle Service Cloud with sales and marketing, logistics, and finance systems—paving the way for the integration of Internet-of-Things technologies with the company’s baby nutrition machine to make it even easier for parents to manage and monitor their child’s nutrition
  • Used Oracle Service Cloud’s Outreach features to breathe new life into marketing campaigns—for example by designing 10 new newsletters for parents related to their child’s development and nutrition, in addition to introducing short, transactional customer satisfaction surveys to generate more feedback
  • Deployed Oracle Service Cloud in just 12 weeks by engaging Oracle Consulting, and anticipated using Oracle Advanced Customer Support to manage future software updates

Why They Chose Oracle

BabyNes considered solutions from several vendors, including some already used by other Nestlé divisions. After an exhaustive comparison of solutions including proofs of concept, it became clear that Oracle Service Cloud had the flexibility to meet all of BabyNes’s needs.


From a corporate perspective, we should have used an existing solution. Yet none of those systems was capable of meeting our needs the way that Oracle Service Cloud does, for example concerning the unique customer relationships we develop. Oracle was superior in all key aspects for BabyNes, including flexibility, native features, and integration.

— Isabelle Simal, International Customer Service Manager, Nestlé BabyNes (Nestlé S.A.)

About Nestlé BabyNes (Nestlé S.A.)


Vevey, Switzerland

Nestlé BabyNes (Nestlé S.A.), part of Nestlé Nutrition, was launched in 2011 in Switzerland. BabyNes offers a state-of-the-art machine and patented technology that allows consumers to prepare a correctly-dosed and hygienic bottle for infants and young children up to the age of three years. BabyNes leverages the power, prestige, and shared services of Nestlé to deliver a high-quality service for parents and expectant mothers.

Published:  Apr 07, 2017