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Oracle Customer Success—Busit SAS

Busit SAS

Busit Empowers Customers to Achieve Digital Transformation


Boosted by the Oracle France WeLoveStartups initiative, we tremendously increased our Big Data capabilities using Oracle REST Data Services to leverage our Oracle NoSQL Database, Enterprise Edition. Only Oracle could have helped us achieve a fully functional Big Data infrastructure in just hours.

— Wassel Guerbaa, CEO, Busit SAS

Busit Empowers Customers to Achieve Digital Transformation and Rapid Return on Investment

Busit SAS is a solution and software provider for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, and cloud services. The company’s state-of-the-art technology offers end-to-end connectivity and management to facilitate system interoperability and optimization as well as Big Data analysis. Busit’s partners can create their own apps and distribute those to Busit’s user base.

To prototype digital transformation projects such as intelligent power management in factories, smart lighting in the cities, or monitoring of transit points in logistics, Busit needed a technology partner who could guarantee high performance and security for Busit solutions, and world-class support after rolling out those solutions to customers.

Business Challenge
  • Process and manage workflows of asynchronous, real-time IoT and M2M communication events across a wide range of use cases such as smart buildings, cities, hospitals, factories, and transport
  • Ensure that the storage engine can scale horizontally as the demand for high performance IoT and M2M communication as well as its storage requirements increase—for example to detect customer profiles, measure service consumption, and monitor customer journeys
  • Deploy a flexible database storage mechanism able to handle the diversity and unpredictability of IoT and M2M data without needing to maintain an open connection to a Structured Query Language (SQL) database at high cost
  • Dedicate memory footprint and CPU cycles to the business logic communication between components, since the solution may be deployed on large cloud infrastructures as well as embedded in limited gateways close to the source of data
  • Deployed Oracle NoSQL Database, Enterprise Edition and Oracle REST Data Services to prototype digital transformation projects such as real-time coordination of production activities or geolocation of health equipment within a matter of days on cloud infrastructures or embedded in gateways
  • Empowered customers across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, facility management, transport, and the public sector to achieve digital transformation with a clear technology roadmap, no need for consultants or specialized personnel, and a fast return on investment
  • Leveraged Oracle NoSQL Database’s easy scalability, reliability, and rich data modeling option to support a wide range of IoT use cases and the high performance of Busit’s solutions
  • Gained the ability to scale as the workload grows, helping Busit to rapidly increase its business footprint across use cases in all industries—such as remote power consumption monitoring, detection of stock movements, identity vigilance, or measurement of ambient humidity to protect cultural assets such as paintings
  • Empowered users with an intuitive visual user interface, enabling non-technicians to pilot an entire infrastructure—for example a community’s street lights, which can be monitored proactively and remotely by detecting power fluctuations, instead of sending technicians to monitor street lights on site
  • Enabled Big Data analytics based on the collection of large amounts of information for each use case, for example to establish preventive maintenance plans for street lights across towns based on the experience collected in a specific community
  • Enabled networking capabilities such as load balancing, failover, and domain name system aliases to perform natively regardless of the higher-level infrastructure without any extra configuration, so that new cloud instances of both tiers run with high performance even if they are managed independently
  • Benefitted from Oracle NoSQL Database’s a scalable throughput with bounded latency, using both local and remote failover and synchronization, and provided high scalability; reliability; atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability transactions; and JavaScript Object Notation support
  • Leveraged Oracle REST Data Services to enable independent instances to send stateless requests to Oracle NoSQL Database with little overhead using standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests, sparing memory footprint and CPU cycles so that they can be fully dedicated to the business logic
  • Leveraged Oracle NoSQL Database’s dynamic data model to process numerous use cases, each with its specific data formats, and to enable raw data mining, receiving the output in a unified language provided by Oracle NoSQL Database


Although there are a number of open source solutions for NoSQL databases, we cannot allow ourselves the smallest error. Therefore we needed the best technology available on the market, and a strong partner who will support us and our customers from day one. That’s why we choose to work with Oracle.

— Wassel Guerbaa, CEO, Busit SAS


“We worked closely with Oracle NoSQL and big data engineers, and added the big data component to our initial solution. The deployment took just two days. As a result, we are now capable of offering an out-of-the-box solution that is fully compatible with the Oracle marketplace. Customers can configure it in minutes.” – Simon Uyttendaele, CTO, Busit SAS

About Busit SAS


Nice, France

Busit is the cloud software solution that binds and drives every Internet-enabled element. It applies to real devices as well as virtual services. It makes it possible to create smart scenarios, increase application performance, and simplify the end user experience. Busit was selected in March 2016 by Oracle France’s initiative #WeLoveStartups, joining the exclusive club of technology companies with high capacity for innovation adopted by Oracle.

Published:  Apr 26, 2017