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Oracle Customer Success—City Café

City Café

City Café Bets on Innovation and Increases Profits with Oracle Hospitality


Oracle Hospitality’s integrated software and hardware helped us provide a mobile checkout and allowed the expansion of our services to external areas. Our new POS and back office systems, combined with multi-function tablets, have optimized our operations, boosted profits, and helped us fully understand our sales and costs to make constant adjustments.

— Levy Marroquin, IT Manager City Café

City Café Bets on Mobile Innovation, Improves Customer Experience, Cuts Expenses and Boosts Sales by 5% by Using Oracle Hospitality

The Mexican chain of restaurants City Café was founded 20 years ago and comprises 40 units—one in each of the 40 Sport City gym buildings, one of the most well-known sport centers in Mexico. The restaurants offer a menu designed to attract a growing public interest in consuming healthy food and in maintaining good fitness. The company is planning to expand the chain, therefore, it was necessary to modernize the front-of-house and back-office systems, offer mobile services, and improve its financial organization. City Café was seeking a quick and intuitive solution to replace its limited system, in use for over 10 years. Oracle Hospitality provided an integrated software and hardware solution that ensured a mobile and efficient service, reduced waste and improved management capabilities.

Business Challenge
  • Replace the restaurant’s previous, rudimentary POS system with a more secure, robust, and intuitive one, compatible with other technologies and that also support the intense daily activity of each restaurant
  • Offer City Café customers a fast and efficient mobile service, able to reduce errors in credit card charges and sell products in external areas
  • Cut excessive expenses with materials such as papers and printer cartridges, and with frequent maintenance of devices
  • Improve the analysis of the business, based on accurate reports in real time via Oracle MICROS InMotion Mobile, in order to understand the costs of each restaurant, how much is being sold, and the preferences of the customers
  • Learn the opinion of customers about the food and services in each restaurant
  • Increased the number of customers and revenues by 5% in just one year
  • Made the table service faster and more efficient with the use of spill-resistant and long-lasting battery mobile tablets for taking orders
  • Cut costs of paper and printer cartridges and equipment maintenance by changing the practice of printing orders (that would end up in the trash) to sending them to tablets installed at the cashier and in the kitchen
  • Opened new beverage stands throughout the clubs and at external activities, since the tablets allow mobile checkouts
  • Reduced errors in credit card payments drastically
  • Improved financial control of each restaurant with integrated back office systems for reporting and inventory, delivering real time information about sales, most consumed products, stocks in the pantries, and purchases to be made—which made adjustments possible and reduced costs by 7%
  • Implemented surveys and reports on most-ordered menu items in order to hear clients’ opinions and adjust the services accordingly


Oracle Hospitality tablets are perfect for the food industry because they withstand the rhythm and pressure of its operations. Together with the new POS, the kitchen management system, and the integrated reporting and inventory solutions, they allow us to control activities and better serve customers without worrying about the hardware or software.

— Levy Marroquin, IT manager City Café


City Café had to invest in infrastructure in order to provide the necessary conditions for the installation of screens in the kitchen, as well as other devices, and also to prepare their network, which had to be quite robust and safe. The staff received training to operate the system at the same time the solution was being implemented, without disruption of services. The replacement was completed after 4-5 months.

About City Café


México City, Mexico



City Café is a chain of restaurants that operates in 40 Sport City facilities throughout several Mexican cities, including Mexico City (headquarters), Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro, León, Puebla, Oaxaca, Saltillo, and Villahermosa. The restaurant is open not only to members of the clubs, but also to the general public, usually customers interested in nutritionally balanced meals with low calorie consumption. In total, the chain has 600 employees.

Published:  Feb 14, 2017