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Oracle Customer Success—INSO sistemi per le infrastrutture sociali S.p.A.

INSO sistemi per le infrastrutture sociali S.p.A.

INSO Increases Healthcare Support Service Quality and Efficiency at San Giuseppe Hospital and Reduces Costs by 30% with Centralized Web-based Management System


Oracle technology enabled us to offer San Giuseppe Hospital in Empoli a complete solution by integrating and centralizing the numerous hospital support services we provide. In the short term alone, we optimized dispatch time, improved service quality, reduced overhead and staff supervision needs, and more.

— Corrado Consiglio, IT Manager, INSO sistemi per le infrastrutture sociali S.p.A.

INSO sistemi per le infrastrutture sociali S.p.A. is a leading international general contractor that provides engineering, construction, and related services to the healthcare, manufacturing, and service sectors. The organization delivers complex projects—such as hospitals or industrial and commercial buildings—from planning through construction and maintenance.

Having contributed significantly to the Italian healthcare network for more than 20 years, INSO was contracted to extend and restructure San Giuseppe Hospital in Empoli, a project that encompassed 42,000 square meters of building space and included the addition of 398 new hospital beds, medical equipment and furniture, as well as a sterilization station. In addition, Inso manages all maintenance, cleaning and laundry services, and catering, for San Giuseppe Hospital in Empoli, both with in-group resources as well as in partnership with external providers – such as Blue System Srl.
Business Challenge
  • Ensure high quality hospital support services—such as maintenance, catering, cleaning, and laundry—in the San Giuseppe Hospital of Empoli to reduce their impact on the hospital’s core business—patient care
  • Optimize healthcare support services analysis and cost monitoring by adopting a single, centralized system for collecting and synchronizing stock, delivery, and cost-related data from critical supply management applications that support the hospital’s functional needs—such as food, clean laundry, syringes, gloves, disinfectants, and other consumables
  • Monitor hospital staff and healthcare service providers to deliver better response times for stock management, order reception and service delivery, reduce costs, and improve patient care
  • Implemented Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle WebCenter Portal as a centralized, integrated solution that provides an overview of administrative operations and dramatically increasing the hospital’s ability to coordinate support services
  • Used Oracle WebCenter Portal to establish a governance service portal that improved support service delivery by providing hospital managers with visibility into requests—such as laundry orders—generated by local or mobile workstations
  • Improved governance by constantly monitoring the supply of goods and services to the hospital; checking task progress, delivery times, and costs incurred; and detecting and flagging discrepancies in real time—driving a 40% improvement in service quality
  • Automated service request dispatch and approval, cutting the average dispatching time in only six months from eight days to one day
  • Cut service operating costs by 30%—thanks to reduced processing times for service requests, improved quality control mechanisms, and the ability to view costs incurred in real time
  • Reduced the number of service requests from San Giuseppe Hospital staff—such as hospital laundry and catering services—by 40% by clarifying questions upfront with Oracle AutoVue 2D Professional ability to capture audit trail of decisions, changes, and approvals for compliance
  • Cut the number of disputes and compensation claims due to faulty goods and services by 45% in six months by utilizing OBIEE to check the proper execution of the services and their quality, check the response time, and report real-time non-compliance on services
  • Integrated Oracle’s AutoVue 2D Professional  with Oracle WebCenter Portal, creating an easy-to-navigate 2D map of the entire hospital, where users can drill down into each ward to determine status of various supplies—such as fresh laundry and sterile gloves—and ensure timely replacements
  • Gained the ability to assess in-house staff’s work using key performance indicators per user profile—such as ward manager, internal public health unit manager, nurse, and hospital manager—greatly increasing staff accountability and reducing duplicate service procurement orders by 25%
  • Deployed Oracle Business Intelligence to provide in-depth analysis of INSO’s service levels with the hospital—such as dispatch times for sterilizing medical instruments—and enable centralized planning for periodic cleaning services based upon historical trends to ensure a clean and safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors
  • Used Oracle SOA Suite to provide secure, real-time, standards-based information exchange between INSO and the hospital, ensuring that both parties have up-to-the-minute information on the status of medical supplies inventory, orders, and deliveries—greatly enhancing the supplier-client relationship and improving quality of care

Why They Chose Oracle

When requested by San Giuseppe Hospital to provide end-to-end services management for their institution, INSO—just entering the governance market at that time—discovered that there was no existing solution in the Italian healthcare industry to link the hospital’s support services administration with its service provider and therefore decided to build one. INSO engaged Blue System to build a web portal that enables easy hospital administration and detailed reporting services. Oracle WebCenter was selected as the foundation for the innovative medical governance portal due to its ability to create individual, team, and organizational work environments to connect people and content.

Thanks to Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Content, we greatly improved the service we provide to our healthcare clients, and using Oracle Application Development Framework, we can rapidly develop new applications to expand our offering to the healthcare, manufacturing, and service sectors.

— Corrado Consiglio, IT Manager, INSO sistemi per le infrastrutture sociali S.p.A.

About INSO sistemi per le infrastrutture sociali S.p.A.


Firenze, Italy



Annual Revenue

$100 to $500 Million


In July 2009, INSO commissioned Blue System Srl, an Oracle Gold partner, to implement Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Content, integrating administration of the hospital’s support services directly with the service INSO. At the time, no company in Italy had made such an environment in Oracle Application Development Framework, making the project pioneering from the start. Blue System’s specialists who boost an outstanding experience in Oracle technology created the information system from scratch using Oracle Database, first defining user groups and mapping the various services within the portal, with various data marts specific to each type of service. Blue System’s system engineers installed and configured the Oracle WebCenter solution and continue to implement new operational modules in the evolving portal to further enhance its service capabilities.
Published:  Oct 28, 2014