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Oracle Customer Success — Saint-Gobain


Saint-Gobain Gains Insights into Customer Needs, Boosts Loyalty


By embracing this data driven dialogue, we—and our clients—are experiencing significant results. We are excited to continue this approach at scale across our digital marketing and sales efforts.

— Christian Agger, eCommerce and Marketing Director, Saint-Gobain Distribution, Denmark

The Dahl Brothers—Denmark’s largest plumbing wholesaler and a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark—spans 52 stores nationwide, an online store, 1,100 employees, and 30,000 customers. This presents the company with a major communication challenge because their customers range greatly in size and have diverse needs. And with more than 100,000 products in their catalog, Dahl Brothers knows that one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns simply won’t work.
  • Deliver one-to-one communications to 30,000 customers 
  • Find effective ways of marketing 100,000 products online 
  • Anticipate and meet a wide range of customer needs 
  • Cross-channel marketing 
  • Increased brand awareness by 19% in one year
  • Drove more traffic and sales—online and in-store
  • Used greater knowledge of customers to provide better service


Dahl Brothers embraced Modern Marketing when they partnered with Oracle Marketing Cloud.  By exploring the data customers leave behind online and delivering personalized, individualized communications based on the information associated with each customer, Dahl Brothers is now communicating through a series of highly targeted emails. The company can be proactive around the interests that customers express and can respond quickly when there’s a specific need from an individual. “The days of announcing all new products to all customers are over,” says Christian Agger, eCommerce and Marketing Director at Saint-Gobain. “We now segment communications so we only send the news out to those who have recently purchased or shown interest in that particular product type.” 
Dahl Brothers now offers eService—an advisory and promotions program based on emails tailored to the individual customer. Not only did Dahl Brothers’ work earn the company a much-coveted Danish Rambuk Award, but the eService program is driving significantly more sales and traffic than before—both online and in-store. In addition, Dahl Brothers quickly achieved a 19 percent increase in brand awareness over the previous year. “Our customer dialogue has become measurable,” says Christian. “We now know what works for our customers. And it’s to our benefit and theirs to now push those buttons a little more.” 

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Published:  Apr 29, 2016