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Oracle Customer Success — Samsung France

Samsung France

Samsung France Breaks New Records with 70% Lead Conversion Rate


After just four months, marketing contribution to the sales pipeline had already increased from 5% to 40%, which was unheard of inside the organization.

— Güçlü Ozsayin, Head of CRM and Marketing Automation, Samsung France

Samsung France helps the French business sector leverage new technology to create business and customer value at every stage of their digital transformation journey. Yet inside the branch office, marketing ROI used to be considered as a mere buzzword: not only was it was hard to measure, but aligning sales and marketing on the same lead management wavelength was a major challenge. Convinced that “for a modern marketer, investing in marketing automation amounts to putting your money where your mouth is – ROI,” Güçlü Ozsayin—Head of CRM and Marketing Automation at Samsung France—reached out to Oracle Marketing Cloud to rebuild trust and create value on a fertile soil of tangible facts and figures. And it didn't take long for results to materialize: in a matter of months, the team went from being a product-push cost center to a customer-centric revenue center, not to mention a global best practice inside the organization.
  • Align sales and marketing teams on the lead management / campaign measurement front 
  • Rebuild trust with a dashboard of tangible figures for everyone to rely on 
  • Integrate and harmonize systems, processes, and data across the organization 
  • Marketing automation with CRM integration 
  • Lead conversion rate multiplied by 7—now reaching 60-70%.  
  • Eightfold increase in marketing-to-sales pipeline contribution—now exceeding 40%. 
  • Cross-team adoption of Oracle Marketing Cloud within just six months. 


In a matter of weeks, every digital and non-digital marketing activity was integrated, creating a full picture that allows the team to align with rapidly evolving business requirements, understand customer challenges and pain points, and provide them with the exact solution they need. On the lead scoring front, it didn’t take long for the team to reap more massive benefits. Not only did Oracle Marketing Cloud reduce prospection efforts down to almost zero, but the lead conversion rate also took off to unexplored heights (60-70%). But there was more: "after just four months, marketing contribution to the sales pipeline had already increased from 5% to 40%, which was unheard of inside the organization," says Güçlü. "All in all, everybody was so impressed with the figures that they were using Oracle Marketing Cloud after just six months, which is a fragment of the time typically required to deliver innovation in any given enterprise environment." What happened in the French team is now considered as a best-practice for all Samsung departments worldwide, which even leads Güçlü to think that "with such powerful tools in hand, it won’t take long before marketers are able to forecast sales performance better than financials teams.

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Published:  Apr 29, 2016