Disruption from Within

Future Ready is a program of workshops and resources designed to help you and your organisaton to embrace change, promote innovation and challenge the status quo.

Workshop Agenda

Your Future Ready eXperience is a collaborative and interactive day.
We guide you through a simple set of activities that enables you to:

Get your hands on ERP Cloud and experience some of the innovations that sets the Cloud apart from your current ERP.


Visualise a simplified set of processes in the Cloud that could benefit your organisation.


See how Oracle Consulting's Soar enables rapid setup of the Oracle Cloud using your existing setup.


Identify the next steps to complete your journey to be Future Ready.

Workshop warm-up

Making introductions and setting expectations.

Plus a quick temperature check on the issues we will focus on during the day. Understand how your Experience day will take you on your Upgrade journey.

Tour the cloud

A tour of the ERP Cloud world in 30 minutes, covering topics including: What is Cloud, Key Drivers, the Benefits, and how users are embracing Reporting in the Cloud.

Experience mapping

An interactive game plotting and understanding how users perform critical key processes such as Procure-to-Pay. By imagining their journey we can quickly identify where more efficient processes can be deployed, insights gained and impact made for the future.

Less is More

How built-in standardised operations can reduce complexity and inconsistency while still offering flexibility. We look at how you could avoid costly customisations with “Adopt, not Adapt” to deliver an efficient, secure and cost-effective migration.

Your tomorrow, today

What will your working day look like when it’s upgraded to the Cloud? Get a sense of how selected ERP Cloud components will look like using some of your own configuration and data from your on-premises ERP platform to provide real-time setup of ERP Cloud during your Future Ready eXperience itself.

Lunch time

When the going gets tough, the tough go for lunch. A chance to share, question and network.

Get Hands-On

Touching is believing!

Get hands-on experience with typical self-service applications, such as Cloud Expenses and Procurement – and see how intuitive they really are.

Myths buster

We know that “Cloud” means different things to different people, so let’s start by dispelling what isn’t true. And more importantly, let’s discuss what’s relevant to you.

Temperature check

How much have you got out of today?

Hopefully you´ll feel that you´re in a good place to take what you´ve got from the Experience back to your team, with a clear understanding of how the power of the Upgrade can take you to Cloud.

Discussion & Next Steps

An open review of the day.

Future Ready is an opportunity for Oracle to understand what’s important to you – and how the upgrade approach can address your priorities.

We will also confirm and agree with you the specific next steps on your journey to being Future Ready.

The Future Ready Experience start with you now!