Consumer Packaged Goods

Drive new revenue streams and faster time to market, improve supply chain resiliency, build brand loyalty, streamline production and fulfillment, and manage a workforce with integrated solutions from Oracle. See how businesses like yours can exceed consumer expectations with operational efficiency and sustainability.

Improve Business Performance with Connected Planning

Watch how Kraft Heinz uses Oracle Cloud to improve business performance.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Embed sustainability into your business operations.

Redefine best practices in consumer packaged goods

Five ways business leaders can use disruption to power innovation.

How Oracle helps CPG customers succeed

Stand out from the competition with memorable customer experiences

Understand who your best audiences are and how to reach them

Make sure that your ads are seen by actual people—not bots—so you can confidently answer the age-old question, “Did my advertising achieve its objectives?”

Explore Advertising
Understand who your best audiences are and how to reach them
Gain deeper insight into how consumers interact with your brand

Gain deeper insight into how consumers interact with your brand

Instantly recognize consumers’ buying behaviors and present personalized offers at the moment they’re likely to buy—so you can keep them coming back.

Explore Customer Experience

Create a single, dynamic view of your customers

Combine online, offline, and third-party data with AI and machine learning to create an intimate, consistent brand experience across marketing, sales, and service.

Explore Customer Data Platform
Create a single, dynamic view of your customers

“We decided as a corporation to adopt the cloud model, and that’s not just an upgrade. In fact, it’s a shift in mindset.”

Rob Owen

North American Lead, Transportation Network Optimization, Mondelēz International

Get more value from your consumer data investments

Generate actionable data across every customer touchpoint

Improve your enterprise reporting with AI-powered self-service analytics, data-augmented analysis, and natural language processing.

Explore Analytics

Give your business analysts tools for success

Boost your business analysts’ and data scientists’ productivity with Oracle’s Big Data Cloud to better manage, catalog, and process raw data.

Explore Data Science

“We started with Cloud EPM Planning in North America with zero-based budgeting and expanded the planning footprint to link our global operations.”

Eric Mendez

Associate Director of Finance and Information Technology, Kraft Heinz

Increase supply chain resiliency and improve consumer trust

Build a flexible, sustainable supply chain

Accelerate product innovation, improve material sourcing, and enable omnichannel fulfillment with integrated supply chain planning capabilities.

Explore Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Simplify manufacturing with tightly integrated solutions

Streamline operations on a global level with a suite of applications that work together seamlessly to make every step of the production cycle more efficient.

Explore Smart Manufacturing

Gain visibility across all tiers of your supply chain

Track and trace your most important inventory using blockchain technology so you can detect—and resolve—issues before they impact consumers.

Explore Intelligent Track and Trace

Maximize order fulfillment and minimize logistics costs worldwide

Optimize your logistics networks using integrated adaptive technologies to add efficiency from the warehouse through distribution.

Explore Connected Logistics

“Working with Oracle Transportation Management, we are contributing to a more sustainable supply chain through streamlining shipping, improving communication with providers, and helping reduce CO2 emissions.”

Wendy Herrick

Vice President, Digital Supply Chain, Unilever United States

Build your financial, HR, and technology foundation for the future

Reduce costs, sharpen forecasts, and innovate faster

Simplify your financial processes and improve the speed and consistency of everything from planning to reporting—no matter where you do business.

Explore Enterprise Resource Planning

Cultivate a collaborative, digital global workforce

Recruit and develop digitally savvy talent who can connect with consumers and move your brand forward.

Explore Human Capital Management

Move to the cloud—your way

Switching to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is simple and seamless, with a range of flexible options for both new and existing enterprise applications.

Explore Cloud Platform

Trending topics in consumer packaged goods

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Erin Sun, Director of SCM Product Marketing, Oracle

Optimizing a vast and complex supply chain is a growing challenge for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) firms. Today, a business footprint touches everything from growers and materials suppliers to manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and consumers.

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