OS Management Hub

Consolidate and simplify management of Oracle Linux systems

Ensure that the operating system has the latest updates, customize update lifecycles with policies and schedules, and view your Oracle Linux ecosystem from a single console with Oracle OS Management Hub. Apply updates across multiple environments, such as development, test, and production using a managed service. OS Management Hub is included with your Oracle Linux Support subscription.

Training on Oracle Linux, virtualization, and more

The Oracle Linux Training Station includes multiple tracks on Oracle Linux, Oracle Linux Automation Manager, Oracle VM VirtualBox, and more. View hundreds of short video demonstrations and guided exercises.

Scale up monitoring and management of Linux with OS Management Hub

Reduce IT administration

Centralize operating system updates

Oracle OS Management Hub monitors available updates for Oracle Linux environments at scale. From a single view, you gain control of updates over your entire environment, enabling you to be much more efficient.

Keep your systems secure

Apply curated and vetted updates

Oracle Linux provides carefully curated and vetted updates to help ensure a robust, reliable, and secure platform for Oracle technologies and your applications. Oracle OS Management Hub enables you to easily automate updates across your entire environment instead of manually creating scripts.

Customizable management

Control update lifecycles

You can control and customize update lifecycles with policies and schedules, deploying updates through controlled stages, such as from development and testing to production.

Oracle expertise

Leverage the advantages of a managed service

Oracle OS Management Hub is a managed service that provides 24/7 support, higher availability, and greater reliability. Oracle experts take care your service infrastructure, freeing you up to manage and administer your systems.

Added value: Included with your Oracle Linux subscription

Oracle OS Management Hub is included as part of your Oracle Linux support subscription, enabling you to run Oracle Linux with even greater security.

OS Management Hub FAQ

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    • How do customers get Oracle OS Management Hub?

      Customers are entitled to Oracle OS Management Hub when they license Oracle Linux Support for on premises, either the Basic or Premier subscription levels. Contact an account team for details.

    • Can customers run both Oracle Linux Manager and Oracle OS Management Hub?

      Yes, both an Oracle Linux Manager server and the OS Management Hub service can be run simultaneously. However, a customer should not manage the same system with both solutions at the same time. It is expected that customers would only run both Oracle Linux Manager and OS Management Hub for a short migration period while transitioning managed systems from Oracle Linux Manager to OS Management Hub.

    • What versions of Oracle Linux will Oracle OS Management Hub support?

      Oracle Linux Release 7, 8, and 9 are supported.

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