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Integrated Business Planning and Execution

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Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX) solution provides end-to-end planning capabilities for manufacturing companies, enabling them to achieve their long, medium, and short-term performance goals. IBPX uses Internet of Things (I0T), artificial intelligence (AI), and prescriptive analytics transforms plans into execution. It provides a what-if analysis of future scenarios and evaluates the alternatives to maintain or improve the company’s business targets. Once a new plan is generated that incorporates this information, IBPX transforms the plan into action using the enterprise execution systems.

Key Benefits


Integrates Plans and Their Execution to Eliminate Business Latency

IBPX is the first solution architecture in the market that integrates end-to-end planning and execution. IBPX translates sales and operation planning into action in a frictionless process and uses advanced technologies (IoT, AI, and prescriptive analytics) to monitor real-time plan execution. detecting future improvements opportunities and minimizing business value lost by traditional processes latency.


Consolidates Planning in a Single Hub

IBPX enables long-range strategy planning; strategic modeling and mergers and acquisitions; financial, projects, capital and workforce planning; sales and operations planning; and supply chain planning.


Enhance Visibility Across the Organization

IBPX uses a unified data model to provide a single view for all participants and utilizes advanced analytics to provide projections on business outcomes for each line of business, simplifying business complexity and enabling managers to make timely, appropriate decisions.

Featured Products

Integrated Business Planning and Execution Products

SCP Cloud

Tomorrow's Supply Chain, Today

The modern supply chain is very noisy. Digital feedback is everywhere. Whether it is the voice of the customer through the internet, the voice of the factory through production or asset monitoring, or the voice of the product itself.

Oracle EMP Cloud

Oracle EPM Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud is the only complete and connected EPM solution. Adopt Oracle EPM Cloud's highly configurable business processes, which include industry best practices, features, and usability, and align your strategy with execution.

Analytics Cloud

Analytics Reinvented

Simplify how you analyze and act on information so you can scale insights across your entire organization.

In-Memory Cost Management Cloud

Maximize Revenue. Increase Profits.

With In-Memory Cost Management Cloud, define an enterprise-wide cost strategy, simulate unlimited what-if scenarios, and perform cost, margin, and profitability analyses—all in real time.

Integrated Business Planning and Execution Resources

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated business planning solutions help you align financial and operations plans and make the best decisions to meet corporate goals. By developing a consensus operational plan and continuously monitoring key performance metrics, you can execute strategic decisions and ensure that the operating plan is working to deliver financial goals.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Improve supply chain performance with global, simultaneous capacity and material planning.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is now live with Oracle Cloud Integrated Business Planning.