Oracle Hospitality for Sports and Entertainment—Simphony First Edition Venue Management

Simplify Venue Management

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition Venue Management automates manual processes to make event, inventory, and cash management more efficient. Available in US and Canada only.

Simphony First Edition Venue Management

Easily track, manage, and restock inventory by location, price items by event type, record cash pickups, and create bank deposits.

Streamline Venue Operations

Streamline Venue Operations

  • Automate inventory logistics
  • Restock concession stands to recommended park levels by event type
  • Create transfer orders automatically and move product around the venue efficiently
  • Calculate group commissions
  • Price menu items by event type
  • Manage nonprofit groups and commissions
  • Base sales and inventory data on events
  • Reduce labor with cash-room management


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