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Finance and AI: 91% of Gen-Z employees trust robots with their company finances

What should the next generation of finance leaders do to get ready for the coming era of AI-powered finance? We asked 9,000 people in 14 countries, and the youngest respondents expect to spend much less time on repetitive tasks that can be done better by machines.

Big risks ahead for organizations that don’t embrace AI in finance

87% of business leaders believe that, if they don’t rethink financial processes, they’ll not only face mounting risks, including falling behind competitors, inaccurate reporting, and declining productivity, but will also miss out on the next generation of talents.

Start your journey with Oracle Cloud ERP and artificial intelligence now

Oracle offers a complete suite of integrated SaaS cloud applications built on Oracle’s next-generation infrastructure and built-in AI technologies designed to run your entire business. See how artificial intelligence can help your finance organization.

of Millennials would trust a robot over their own organization’s finance team
of business leaders want robots' help with reporting, approvals, closing the books, etc.
Millennial employees are nearly 4X more likely than Baby Boomers to want to work for a company using AI to manage finance

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Infographic: We trust robots more than humans to manage money