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Oracle Strategic Partner—Amdocs

Together, Oracle and Amdocs deliver and empower communications service providers (CSPs) with predictability, performance, and choice for managing data and operating critical business applications in the cloud. Oracle provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with a secure and resilient, carrier-grade cloud to build, deploy and operate Amdocs applications globally.

Operate telco enterprise business applications in OCI


Communications service providers can rapidly migrate and securely operate Amdocs applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with predictable continuity of operations. Amdocs apps operate on OCI Bare Metal instances-without requiring application and network reconfiguration or retraining staff with special skills.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure empowers telco enterprises to operate Amdocs and other business applications in a highly-performant cloud environment. OCI features ultra-low latency networks, persistent connections to relational databases and clustering of resources for availability. OCI was designed with key cloud technologies to address the requirements of enterprise applications.


CSPs can operate Amdocs applications on OCI at 3x lower compute costs, 1/10th network egress cost compared to other hyperscalers and 98% lower storage costs. OCI has globally consistent pricing across every region. Leverage existing Oracle solutions—database platform and existing Oracle software licenses to optimize operational consistency and cost.

Partnership offerings

Partnership Value

Amdocs and Oracle have been working together for decades and have up-leveled the relationship to integrating technologies at a deeper level and certify Amdocs applications on OCI. We’re working together with joint-customers to deliver value for in ease of manageability, lower costs and shared best practices.

Predictability, Performance and Value

Together, Oracle and Amdocs deliver and empower communications service providers (CSPs) with predictability, performance and choice for managing data and operating critical business applications in the cloud.

Oracle provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with a secure and resilient, carrier-grade cloud to build, deploy and operate Amdocs applications globally.

CSPs can migrate on-premises Amdocs software and network solutions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with predictable timeframes and continuity of the services they trust. CSPs can run their suite of Amdocs applications in any of OCI’s 45 public cloud regions in 23 countries and distributed cloud solutions that bring public cloud capabilities to the customer's data center. OCI provides superior performance at lower and globally consistent pricing.

Amdocs Products

Amdocs Customer Experience Suite (CES9.Cloud)

Amdocs Customer Experience Suite is a cloud-native, open & modular Billing Support Systems (BSS)-Operational Support Systems (OSS)-Network suite that delivers full flexibility to define a transformation strategy and modernization path based on business priorities.

Amdocs microservices-based, open and modular portfolio is aligned with industry standards to modernize legacy stacks and accelerate the journey towards cloud-native business applications and networks.

Oracle and Amdocs ensure that the Amdocs Customer Experience Suite operates in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the same capabilities that customers expect from their on-premises environments.

Oracle and Amdocs support Amdocs full portfolio of applications on OCI

Operate Amdocs Customer Experience Suite in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Migrate, run, and manage Amdocs applications in any of OCI’s 45 public cloud regions available in 23 countries. Every OCI region offers more than 100 cloud services designed to run Amdocs and other applications, faster and more securely, for less. Whichever database your Amdocs applications are using, OCI offers many database services for easy migration.

Operate Amdocs applications where you need them

OCI’s distributed cloud provides Amdocs customers with the flexibility to choose where and how cloud services are delivered to meet their regulatory, performance, and other needs. Our distributed cloud offerings deliver the full functionality and superior economics of Oracle’s public cloud to customer data centers and edge locations, with a range of deployment models and operational controls.

OCI enables you to run Amdocs applications how and where you need

Deploy Amdocs across different architectures in OCI and multicloud

OCI offers choice and flexibility for your Amdocs deployments. Take advantage of the most flexible VMs available in the cloud. Deploy modern cloud native architectures using OCIs container service or container instances. You can also run components of the application stack across different cloud services from different vendors, leveraging OCI’s industry leading multicloud solutions such as the Azure Interconnect or the Oracle Database Service for Azure.

Meet sovereignty, data residency, and regulatory compliance

With OCI’s dedicated region, you retain full control of your data and applications to meet the highest security, regulatory, and data residency requirements while modernizing your infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region is a complete OCI cloud region in your data center that offers the agility, scalability, and economics of OCI public cloud.

To meet local sovereignty requirements, OCI offers several deployment models for commercial and government customers, each delivering the full scope of OCI services. OCI offers industry-leading price-performance with significantly reduced operational costs while enabling customers with sovereignty requirements to run workloads. These sovereign regions, offer “Everything Everywhere”— the same cloud services as our other OCI regions.

Migrate, Operate, Manage your VMware based Amdocs applications on OCI

Rapidly migrate on-premises Amdocs applications in VMware environments to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Amdocs customers with OSS/BSS modernization initiatives can operate Amdocs + VMware environments in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) without application or network configuration changes.

OCVS is a full VMware-stack solution which provides CSPs complete operational control and high standards of security that operates with all of the same staff, tools, and processes to seamlessly extend an on-premises VMware estate environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.