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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 41

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 41 continues to drive home Oracle's commitment to ongoing excellence, delivering enhanced features and functionality on an agile and fast-paced release track to help accelerate sales and ensure customer productivity and revenue.

This latest Oracle CRM On Demand release provides new features in Usability, Mobile and Extensibility. Each of these areas follows the Oracle Customer Experience Strategy, providing a leading and compelling solution for customers and partners to access critical CRM information quickly and easily, all while using their preferred devices and applications.

Deliver improved customer experiences with Oracle Cloud CX

Cloud CX

Oracle has aligned the CRM On Demand and Oracle Cloud CX roadmap to ensure that migrating customers do not run into any functional gaps.

Cloud CX

Business value

Through AI, intelligent bots, customer 360 data, customers will experience benefits over and beyond CRM On Demand.

CX Platform


Many CRM On Demand customers have migrated and are happy Oracle Cloud CX customers. Oracle has also trained partners and provided migration tools.

DB Schenker sales success (1:25)


More Usability to Drive User Adoption

A positive user experience leads to increased user adoption and ultimately, a better customer experience for your customers. With Release 41, we focused on several enhancements in the area of Usability.

Some of the features include: The ability to edit multiple records at a time directly from a list. Administrators can make lists available to all roles. Team Users can be assigned to a list of records. Administrators can create Global Picklists for the Team record type. Group Calendar supports the ability to display Account, Contact Phone, and Activity Status information. Users can manage favorite records directly from list pages. Addresses can be added to Opportunities and made available in Maps. Custom fields are now supported for the Opportunity Partner and Account Partner record types. Maskable custom fields can now be created for Custom Objects.

In the area of Extensibility, we include the following features: Audit Trail as a child object is exposed in Web services v2.0. Finally, Custom Web Applets and Web Tabs with V3 Analytics Content is now supported via Web services.

More Mobile for the Masses

Oracle continues to enhance and refine our advanced smart phone and tablet applications. Using CRM On Demand's advanced mobile tools, sales representatives can focus on the customer and streamline the sales experience, while having the assurance that critical data is current and consistently synchronized between application and device.

Oracle CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales (CMS), licensed separately, provides access to CRM information using native applications for iPhone, and Android devices. We enhanced the client to support the ability to update Tasks to Completed directly from Task List pages. Recently Viewed records are now synchronized between Connected Mobile Sales and Oracle CRM On Demand. Finally, users can perform a right to left swipe gesture on any record from a List Page to navigate directly to the record’s Edit page.

Doing Business Your Way

CRM On Demand continues to expand its functionality release after release to adapt to your changing business needs. In this release, we made many enhancements in the are of Analytics.

Some of the features include: added Custom Object 4 and 5 dimensions to the Advanced Custom Object Historical Subject Area. Lead, Activity and Partner dimensions have been added to the Advanced Custom Objects Historical subject area. A new Personalized Content subject area has been added for historical reporting. V3 Reports and Dashboards can be added with Option links. Asset short text fields 46 to 70 can now be reported in Analytics. Optimized Picklist Code Values have been exposed in real time Reporting subject areas for all objects. Finally, Multi-select Picklists for Custom Object 1 and 2 have been exposed in real time Analytics.

Browser and Cloud Support

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 41 continues support for popular browsers such as the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Android. Mobile browser support allows continuous access to critical CRM data and helps executives and sales representatives alike manage business imperatives while on the go. Extensibility in the cloud underscores the importance of hosted CRM server code with client-side extensions; this provides a platform for customers to create rich and powerful customizations. Better yet, customers can leverage Oracle infrastructure for inherent security and better performance.

Controlled Availability

Oracle CRM On Demand is currently under Controlled Availability meaning Oracle no longer supports net-new CRM On Demand purchases. Oracle remains committed to supporting our current CRM On Demand customer base who may continue to make expansion and renewal purchases of CRM On Demand as they build out a strategy to move to our next-generation Oracle CX Sales cloud solution at a pace that meets their business needs.

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