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Retailers must understand consumer expectations to align brand and grocery inventory management strategies to meet demand while protecting profit margins.

Flink leverages Oracle merchandise and financials to disrupt the grocery market.

How can grocery retailers thrive?

Smarter replenishment

How can you grow revenue while reducing costs? Inventory optimization is a smart layer of machine learning that can help.

Drive profitable inventory turns (PDF)

Fresh management enhanced to attract busy customers

Do you want to offer compelling fresh and grab-and-go options while better managing inventory, costs, and waste?

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Maintain in-stock positions

How do you create a holistic planning process that adapts to changes in shopping behaviors?

Streamline business processes

Trust and transparency

How do you protect your brand while expanding private label offerings? Seamless communication across your network.

Discover our private label solutions

Meet changing consumer demands

Do you want to be more agile, anticipate consumer changes, and inspire new shopping experiences?

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Sustainability initiatives

Do you want to become a sustainable supermarket and reduce your environmental impact?

Read Woolworths’ story

7 Steps to Make Grocery Stores Profitable

When it comes to buying groceries, your physical store is still the preferred shopping experience by consumers. However, consumers are looking for better deals. Yes, it’s challenging to offer the right products at the right place and at the right price. However, connecting product offerings to buying behavior in each of your locations is crucial to store profitability.

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5 ways platforms help retailers achieve improved outcomes

With artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core, Oracle’s platform for modern retail delivers a complete set of mission-critical solutions and cloud services that enable retailers to gain the insights and agility to attract and retain customers at every touchpoint.

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Leverage the power of the Oracle Retail Reference Model community

Accelerate speed to value by streamlining your implementation using best practice process models, architectural diagrams, and a retail glossary derived from more than 5,000 retail customers across 96 countries.

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Analyst reports

See how renowned analysts recognize our approach to solutions developed exclusively for the retail market.

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Access exclusive content for grocery retailers

Explore trends forcing the grocery industry to transform, resulting in permanent changes in consumer shopping habits, ongoing challenges in maintaining a superior grocery experience, and consumer exploration of new brands.

Transforming Supermarkets and Grocery Stores with AI

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