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Expand your knowledge of managing core retail processes with Oracle solutions through digital courses that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Start your journey with on-demand training that helps you develop proficiency in your daily activities.

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Learning Subscription enables a successful transition to Oracle Retail solutions by building individual competencies that maximize software usage. A self-paced learning guide helps your retail employees gain proficiency and confidence.

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Learning Subscription comprises bite-sized digital training that targets various roles and job responsibilities. Subscribe today for

  • 24/7 access to a comprehensive set of high-quality videos featuring Oracle experts
  • Detailed coverage and step-by-step demonstrations
  • Periodic updates of new features and product enhancements
  • The flexibility to search, access, and learn about specific topics of interest

Learning Subscription includes training for all Oracle Retail solutions.

Merchandise operations

Retail merchandising teams must be productive and proactive. Learn how to manage items, suppliers, and locations through an agile platform for gaining visibility into cross-channel inventory and other retail merchandise operation procedures. Leverage analytics to get reliable, timely, and relevant information for driving better business decisions.

This training is designed for allocators, accounts payable specialists, application administrators, auditors, buyers, data stewards, financial analysts, inventory analysts, inventory control analysts, pricing analysts, and sourcing specialists.

Planning and optimization

Individualized offers, omnichannel planning, and faster assortment turns are essential to converting customer traffic. But switching from a product-centric model and pivoting to the customer require new processes and a holistic view of items, inventory, orders, and customers. Learn how advanced retail analytics, embedded AI, and machine learning drive intelligent and localized assortments without the increased overhead of full-time data scientists.

This training is designed for administrators, business consultants, configuration consultants, pricing analysts, and planners.

Stores and commerce

Retail omnichannel journeys continue to evolve and expand with new models of engagement and fulfillment. Executing an individualized retail omnichannel experience requires seamless integration across ecommerce, point-of-service (POS), customer engagement, and order management. Learn how to provide a unique experience for acquiring and retaining customers.

This training is designed for administrators, analysts, back-office administrators, business users, customer service, IT administrators, LP analysts, merchandisers, product administrators, store associates, store managers, store operations inventory control specialists, store stock associates, system managers, technical users, warehouse managers, and controllers.

Brand compliance and supply chain

Brand compliance enables retailers to better collaborate with merchants and suppliers to bring private label products to market while mitigating risk and controlling operating costs. Supply chain solutions enable retailers to maximize sales and inventory productivity by anticipating demand. Learn how to efficiently drive supply chain execution using best practices and demand capture techniques.

This training is designed for administrators, configuration consultants, forecast analysts, suppliers/merchants, and business consultants.

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