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Arun Gupta on Higher Productivity from Embracing HTML5 with Java EE 7
Oracle Java EE Expert Arun Gupta provides glimpses into Java EE 7.
What's New in JMS 2.0, Part One: Ease of Use  
Learn how new ease-of-use features in JMS 2.0 enable you to write fewer lines of code.
What's New in JMS 2.0, Part Two: New Messaging Features  
Learn how to take advantage of new messaging features in JMS 2.0.
Integrating WebSockets and JMS with CDI Events in Java EE 7  
Java Evangelist Bruno Borges answers "How can I send asynchronous messages to all WebSocket sessions connected to my website?" See this cool new functionality in Java EE 7.
From Database to RESTful Web Service to HTML5 in 10 Minutes    
Learn how to expose data from a database via a JAX-WS RESTful web service and how to consume the service in an HTML5 application.
JSR 356, Java API for WebSocket   
Java Champion Johan Vos shows you how to integrate WebSockets into your applications.

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