Oracle Celebrate

Oracle Celebrate, part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, delivers tailored, in-the-moment peer-to-peer recognition and holistic engagement insights to bring unsung heroes to the forefront and drive unique cultural values.

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Oracle Celebrate features

Tailored recognition programs

Personalize recognition programs for different segments of the organization, such as employees in a specific country or department.

Embedded cultural values

Improve company culture and drive desired behaviors by tying company values to moments of recognition.

Nomination- and event-based awards

Allow individuals to recognize peers for milestone events or nominate coworkers for an award, such as employee of the month.

Points-to-cash budgeting

Accurately manage budgeting for points-to-cash rewards programs through one native cloud HCM solution.

Employee recognition hub

Provide individuals with a single place to amplify their own efforts and recognize peers across the organization.

Quick peer and team recognition

Make it easy for employees to acknowledge coworkers by providing guided templates to recognize individuals, teammates, or programs.

Generative AI messaging assistant

Review suggested AI message enhancements to create more-contextual and impactful notes of recognition.

Recognition in the flow of work

Embed peer recognition into an individual’s daily routine—for example, by recognizing coworkers in the moment on Slack or in weekly pulse surveys.

Active recognition social feed

Amplify recognition with an interactive social feed that captures team, business group, and organizationwide recognition.

Redeemable points

Enable employees to earn points when they’re recognized by their team members.

Recognition analysis

Tie recognition efforts to business impact, such as attrition and DE&I, using real-time, connected HCM insights.

Recognition program adoption

Gain visibility into the adoption of recognition and rewards programs through analytics, with breakdowns by team, business group, and organization.

Team recognition dashboard

Help managers support and recognize their team frequently and fairly with team and individual engagement insights.

Oracle Celebrate benefits

  • Build your purpose-driven culture through one experience

    Create compelling recognition programs that promote your organization’s cultural values.

  • Recognize your peers in the moment

    Drive better adoption by incorporating peer-to-peer recognition naturally in the flow of work.

  • Improve engagement and retention with real-time, holistic HCM insights

    Visualize the business impact of recognition programs and identify trends with connected data in a single native cloud HCM solution.

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