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OCI Vision

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vision is an AI service that applies computer vision technology to analyze image-based content. Developers can make API calls to easily integrate pretrained models into their applications, or custom train models to meet their specific use cases. These models can be used to detect visual anomalies in manufacturing, extract text from documents to automate business workflows, and tag items in images to count products or shipments.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vision features

Pretrained models, optimized for business

Classify images and detect objects with deep learning models trained on millions of business-specific images, such as receipts or shipping labels. Models already trained on business-specific images will deliver more relevant results to the organization.

Understand documents

Automatically extract text, detect tables, and classify documents into different types based on visual appearance and language. Common applications include automating information extraction from receipts, product packages, and insurance forms.

Train models quickly

In addition to gaining access to pre-trained models, developers can create custom models without data science expertise or managing custom model infrastructure. Vision APIs help developers upload data and train a classification or detection model. This makes creating highly accurate, custom-trained computer vision models accessible to everyone.

Integrate and deploy easily

OCI Vision is a multitenant service over public REST APIs. Developers can deploy a scalable vision service without in-house data science and ML teams, all with the AI platform that delivers the best value for the cost.

Benefit, use case, or solution

  • Gain insights from visual data

    Automatically extract textual or visual information from images and use that to power analytic applications. Combine visual information from images with additional inputs such as product sales history and customer reviews to gain a holistic sense of trends such as product availability and popularity.

  • Automate back-office tasks

    Classify documents, detect tables, and extract required information from documents like receipts to automate business workflows including employee expense reporting, spending compliance, customer loyalty programs, and reimbursement.

  • Digital asset management

    Enrich image-based files with metadata including document type, text, and objects for better indexing and retrieval in a digital asset management system or larger data warehouse. Easily retrieve images for uses ranging from retail management to electronic discovery.

  • Detect visual anomalies

    Classify products or equipment as standard or defective based on visual appearance like discoloration, tear, rust, deformity, or breaks. Automate the detection of defective materials to flag the need for repairs.

  • Monitor scenes

    Detect whether items are on retail shelves, vegetation is growing in the surveillance image of a power line, or if trucks are available at a lot for delivery by locating objects and entire scenes in images. Localize where particular objects are in a scene or classify the entire image.

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