Oracle SCM Solutions—Global Trade Management

Maximize Logistics Performance

Manage transportation and global trade operations while streamlining everyday warehousing needs.

Global Trade Management

Optimise and streamline business processes related to cross-border trade. Oracle’s unique global compliance solutions enable companies of all sizes to centrally manage their global trade operations. By layering trade data and milestones over the physical flow of goods, you gain unparalleled visibility and control over both orders and shipments to ensure adherence to global trade regulations.

Restricted Party Screening

Restricted Party Screening

Ensure compliance by properly screening transactions against government lists for both imports and exports.

  • Improve security by ensuring that no goods are shipped to prohibited countries, organisations, or individuals
  • Perform fast and efficient screening in high volume environments with the restricted party screening workbench
  • Satisfy screening requirements and make quick and informed decisions with flexible matching engine options
Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance

Manage the legal, regulatory and corporate complexities of cross-border transactions.

  • Centralise worldwide trade compliance with a global approach that accommodates from-anywhere-to-everywhere scenarios
  • Mitigate financial risk related to compliance while doing business in any country for any process
  • Increase working capital utilisation by ensuring that your goods stay moving
Customs Management

Customs Management

Manage global customs filings and communicate accurately with authorities and trading partners on all cross-border transactions.

  • Maintain oversight, visibility, and control of customs procedures and filings
  • Reduce fines and penalties with more accurate electronic filing and broker communication
  • Automate customs filing procedures, broker collaboration and e-filings
  • Mitigate financial risk related to customs fines, penalties, and storage fees while doing business in any country
Global Trade Intelligence

Global Trade Intelligence

Monitor key performance indicators and directly transition from analysis to action.

  • Monitor metrics against business targets, benchmarks and forecasts with configurable dashboards
  • Navigate seamlessly between historical and operational information
  • Make effective decisions with role-based alerts of exceptions and deviations from plans
  • Quickly identify positive and negative trends in transportation operations
Landed Cost Management

Landed Cost Management

Gain financial visibility into your extended supply chain costs, including transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties and taxes.

  • Strategically source products and components from lower cost locations by identifying and measuring all extended supply chain costs
  • Receive automatic financial update of variances between landed cost actuals and estimates
  • Gain insight into all of the real costs associated with acquiring products