Oracle Big Data—Industry Solutions

Big Data Industry Solutions

Shape the Industry Direction

An Answer for Every Industry

Oracle's big data industry solutions address the growing demand for a unified architecture of integration, management, analytics, and applications to meet the unique business requirements of each industry.

Communications-icon Communications

Big Data in Telecom

Rapidly deploy and monetize your digital lifestyle services, create first-rate customer experiences with geospatial insight, and streamline your operations.

Financialservices-icon Financial Services

Big Data in Banking
Financial Services

Provide new, innovative services, address growing regulatory requirements, and manage data across increasingly complex global organizations.

Healthcare-icon Health Sciences

Big Data in Clinical Research
Health Sciences

Optimize clinical R&D, mitigate risk, advance healthcare, and improve patient outcomes with transformative big data technologies.

Hightechnology-icon High Technology

Big Data in Technology
High Technology

Achieve operational flexibility and continuous innovation while managing risk and compliance.

Publicsector-icon Public Sector

Big Data in Government
Public Sector

Serve constituents more effectively, track and analyze service consumption, and plan more efficiently.

Retail-icon Retail

Big Data in Retail

Deliver a unique shopping experience that exceeds your customer needs and expectations. Accomplish that by aligning people, processes, and technology to amplify the power of your data.

Utilities-icon Utilities

Big Data in Utilities

Deliver reliable, secure, and scalable services that meet your customers’ growing demands while monitoring supply
and service to ensure effective operations.

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