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Finance innovation with Oracle Financials

Give your finance team better data to increase forecasting accuracy, shorten reporting cycles, simplify decision-making, and better manage risk and compliance. Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials is a global financial platform that connects and automates your financial management processes, including payables, receivables, fixed assets, expenses, and reporting, for a clear view into your total financial health.

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Accounting and Control

Accelerate your financial processes with automation

Automate more than 80% of your financial processes, including accounting for intercompany tax, and transfer pricing journals. Eliminate manual effort, create more accurate tax reports, and close your books faster.

Reduce exceptions with machine learning and AI-driven analytics

Continually improve exception handling based on past actions and quickly identify issues that present business and audit risks.

Remove complexity with a single business standard

Standardize your chart of accounts, business processes, data model, security and compliance controls to unify your business for coordinated decisions and action.

Automate joint venture management accounting

Simplify calculation of partner shares to produce more accurate invoices and make your joint ventures easier to manage and measure.

Deal with multi-currencies, languages, and accounting standards out of the box

Adopt new business models globally, oversee global operations and support M&A activities without additional investments in technology or bolt-on solutions.

Integrate planning and budgeting across the entire procure-to-pay transaction lifecycle

Define and manage budgets and spending with increased visibility into commitments, obligations, and expenditures.

Reduce financial risk in intercompany transactions

Easily create, settle, and report on your intercompany transactions and reduce mismatches in intercompany accounting with automatic intercompany balancing.

Increase your bottom line and establish superior internal controls

Gain efficiencies with highly automated financial processing and increase enterprise visibility with the fastest and most scalable general ledger on the market.

Accounting Hub

Enterprise-wide accounting platform

Establish a strong foundation for financial processes, corporate accounting, and financial reporting with this enterprise accounting and finance platform.

Harmonized accounting data

Harmonize accounting from disparate ERP and transactional systems. Create consistent, standardized accounting for disparate ERP systems using an enterprise-wide chart of accounts.

Trusted financial information

Create a single source of financial truth that your corporate accounting and fp&a teams can rely on.

Adaptable centralized accounting

Quickly adapt centralized accounting rules as company policies evolve and new accounting standards take effect.

Rich financial business partnering

Provide deep insight into operational results by analyzing financial information from many sources, including ledgers, subledgers, and supporting references.

Powerful accounting engine

Handle high transaction volumes with a powerful and centralized accounting engine that delivers unmatched processing speed.

Payables and expenses

Control cash outlays

Put excess cash to work faster by offering dynamic discounts for early payment to recommended suppliers, powered by integrated Oracle AI apps for ERP.

Establish touchless invoicing

Eliminate the time-consuming drudgery and errors of manual invoice entry and matching.

Save on operating cost with shared services

Eliminate redundant payables services with centralized invoice and payment processing.

Accelerate expense management

Simplify expense reporting with digital assistant, mobile expense entry, automated spend controls and smart auditing.

Receivables and cash

Put cash to work faster

Optimize cash management and generate timely insights into your cash position by automating cash-intensive financial processes and speeding up invoice processing with automatic invoice matching.

Increase accuracy in cash forecasting

Get rid of monthly, spreadsheet-based cash forecasts and use predictive algorithms to automatically generate a daily cash forecast.

Improve customer loyalty with personalized service

Upgrade your customer experience with self-service billing, tailored payment options, credit scores and profiles, as well as collections strategies.

Easily configure services and meet your customer’s pricing needs

Configure the right mix of products or services and create accurate, professional quotes.

Simplify management of contracts, billing, and revenue

Manage Subscriptions, renewals and upgrades with a fully integrated, cloud-based subscription management system.

Automate revenue recognition calculation

Meet IFRS 15/ASC 606 standards and avoid headaches from determining when to recognize revenue and for how much.

Asset and lease management

Automate the entire asset lifecycle

Move from manual to automation in managing asset acquisition, capitalization, depreciation, and retirement.

Support multiple tax depreciation strategies

Minimize your tax burden while meeting regulatory tax requirements, including IFRS, GAAP, federal, state, AMT, and more.

Reduce accounting complexity

Meet ASC 842 and IFRS 16 standards throughout the lifecycles of right-of-use assets and leases, including inception, amendments, and terminations.

U.S. Federal Financials

Automate US federal accounting

Improve accounting accuracy by automating manual, error-prone processes to meet federal standards.

Improve financial reporting

Increase data confidence and promote clean audits with built-in audit and security controls.

Meet Prompt Payment Act requirements

Speed up payment processing with automated treasury exchanges and increase visibility into payment activities.

Complete finance and accounting solution for growth and innovation

Move finance from reactive to strategic

Automate and eliminate the manual business processes that keep finance teams in a constant state of reaction to business demands. With Oracle Financials, built-in artificial intelligence automates up to 96% of standard transactions while increasing transaction accuracy. Spend more time taking action with real-time KPIs powered by machine learning that identify opportunities to improve results.

Optimize cash liquidity

Cash liquidity dictates longevity and sustainability for all companies. Accurately forecasting cash needs is often hindered by disconnected business processes and siloed data. With Oracle Financials, you can continuously forecast with real-time, unified financial data. Automate cash-intensive financial processes with artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up cash inflows and reduce outflows—decreasing the sneaky cash leaks that can have big consequences.

Grow with confidence

Making major business decisions to go global, launch a new business model, or undertake a merger or acquisition, oftentimes rests on the confidence you have in your existing financials systems’ ability to scale. With customers in more than 116 countries, Oracle Financials has the extensive global and accounting capabilities to confidently make game-changing decisions. And, with built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you’ll know the best times to make your moves.

Get insights, fast

Good insights into the financial health of your business should never be hard to get. Oracle Financials makes it easy to get good answers fast with configurable dashboards, simple data visualizations, and graphical views of real-time financial data.

Cloud Financials customer successes

Customers in a wide variety of industries and regions use Oracle ERP Cloud to achieve their goals.

EmblemHealth gains time for patient care with Oracle Cloud ERP.



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Develop your Oracle Financials Cloud skills

Oracle University provides learning solutions to help build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption. Get access to free basic training and accreditation with the Oracle Learning Explorer program.

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