Generative AI Agents

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI Agents combines the power of large language models (LLMs) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) with your enterprise data, letting users query diverse enterprise knowledge bases. Coming soon, users will be able to access up-to-date information through a natural language interface so they can directly act on it.

How OCI Generative AI Agents works

How OCI Generative AI works technical diagram, details below
  1. Input

    The left hand side of the diagram shows an icon of a person, designating the user, underneath the text “Input”.
    1. A user’s natural language request is sent to the Generative AI agent for encoding. The agent then sends the request to the enterprise data store.
  2. Generative AI Agent

    A blue arrow then points from left to right, directing the reader to another section of the diagram. This section is titled “Generative AI Agent” and features an icon designating a cloud database, with a smaller black arrow pointing towards an icon designating Artificial Intelligence. Below these icons, the text reads “The Generative AI agent uses a large language model (LLM) to understand the query, then formulates and executes a plan to:
    1. 1. Search the knowledge base for related articles
    2. 2. Re-rank the documents for semantic relevance
    3. 3. Send the top documents and the original query to be combined into a coherent response
    4. 4. Send the response to the user
  3. Output

    A second blue arrow then points from left to right, directing the reader to the third and final section of the diagram. This section is titled “Output” and features an icon designating a chatbot typing a response. Below the icon, text reads:
    1. The user receives the formulated response and references to the documents used to create the response.

OCI Generative AI Agents use cases

  • Call center optimization

    Help increase customer satisfaction through more accurate responses and a higher volume of query resolution.

  • Expedite legal research

    Find answers faster by conversing with AI rather than manually searching court record databases.

  • Revenue intelligence

    Understand customer purchase history and trends by asking natural language questions instead of running reports.

  • Recruit qualified job candidates

    Source potential new hires more easily by typing in natural language rather than constructing a database query.

January 23, 2024

Announcing the OCI Generative AI Agents RAG service

Barry Mostert, Senior Director, AI & Analytics Product Marketing

We’re excited to introduce beta availability of the OCI Generative AI Agents retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) service—your organization’s own customizable solution for effortlessly conversing with and acting on diverse enterprise knowledge bases. This RAG service is the first in a series of AI agents coming under the umbrella of the OCI Generative AI Agents line.

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AI 认证

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    • 理解生成式 AI 的基础知识
    • 理解大语言模型概念
    • 解释关于大语言模型的提示工程和调优
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怡安 (Aon)

怡安 (Aon) 在进行数字化转型时遇到了一项挑战,该公司需要从庞大的非结构化客户反馈信息库中提取宝贵的洞察。通过使用 OCI Language 的文本分析功能,怡安简化了提取情感和关键字等流程,进而增强了产品、优化了服务,实现了客户服务集中化的目标。

儿童医学研究所 (CMRI)

这家澳大利亚研究机构采用 OCI Data Science 来充分发挥灵活性和可扩展性,发现新洞察并更快地执行分析。


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