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Press Release

Oracle Helps Marketers Make Every Customer Feel Special

New Oracle Marketing Cloud features help B2B and B2C marketers build tighter customer relationships by tailoring every interaction to each customer’s needs


Oracle Marketing Cloud

To help marketers create irresistible connected customer experiences, Oracle today unveiled new data-driven features for Oracle Marketing Cloud. The innovations leverage rich behavioral insights from across channels to ensure every customer has a truly personalized experience.

“Our daily lives now consist of hundreds of micro-moments that are constantly reshaping our expectations, and this is forcing marketers to rethink traditional approaches to audience segmentation, targeting, and customer journey planning,” said Shashi Seth, senior vice president, Oracle Marketing Cloud. “The latest innovations within the Oracle Marketing Cloud address this challenge by helping marketers take advantage of real-time, contextual customer data to deliver a seamless and hyper-personalized experience every time they interact with customers.”

Oracle Marketing Cloud enables marketers to build deeper, more profitable customer relationships by eliminating data silos and providing real-time insights into rich behavioral data. The latest innovations take that one step further by providing deep integrations and new capabilities that infuse data into all core marketing processes and save marketers time. This includes updates to Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Oracle Infinity, and Oracle Maxymiser.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Eloqua updates enable B2B marketers to:

  • Unify Data and Experiences Across Channels: By embedding behavioral analytics and orchestration capabilities of Oracle Infinity into Oracle Eloqua, marketers can use a common behavioral data lake to enhance segmentation, personalization, and orchestration.
  • Improve Performance of Account-Based Marketing (ABM): A new Oracle Eloqua integration with Oracle Data Cloud and Oracle DataFox provides marketers and sales professionals with unprecedented insight into intent and account behaviors.
  • Adopt Marketing Best Practices: New AI and machine learning capabilities within Oracle Eloqua help guide and assist marketers in the adoption of best practices and the creation of more compelling content and customer experiences.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Responsys updates enable B2C marketers to:

  • Enhance Segmentation and Targeting: A new Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) dashboard helps marketers take advantage of statistical models to standardize segmentation, more accurately score engagement, and identify their most valuable customers.
  • Connect Experience Across Channels: A new integration between Oracle Responsys and Oracle Maxymiser helps marketers optimize the conversion funnel and allow for a smoother customer journey by delivering a consistent experience across email and web.
  • Easily Extend Marketing Capabilities: The Responsys Application Development Framework enables marketers to quickly and easily extend existing capabilities by supporting third-party apps created by software vendors, integration partners, or clients.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Infinity and Oracle Maxymiser updates enable marketers to:

  • Target in Real-Time: A new Oracle Infinity Action Center helps marketers leverage behavioral data from across touchpoints to create sophisticated, highly tailored segments and engage users with real-time, hyper-personalized communications.
  • Optimize Site Experience: A new integration between Oracle Infinity and Oracle Maxymiser allows marketers to visualize user behavioral activity via heat and zone maps to optimize the website experience for customers and break down silos between personalization, website optimization and digital analytics capabilities.
  • Deliver More Personalized Recommendations: A new Recommender engine helps marketers increase customer engagement by leveraging behavioral data to enable 1:1 targeting at scale and in context. It also enables personalized product, content, and other recommendations to be embedded in site pages.

Oracle Marketing Cloud is part of Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite, which empowers organizations to take a smarter approach to customer experience management and business transformation initiatives. By providing a trusted business platform that connects data, experiences, and outcomes, Oracle CX Cloud Suite helps customers reduce IT complexity, deliver innovative customer experiences, and achieve predictable and tangible business results.

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