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Oracle Eloqua: Intelligent Campaign Orchestration for B2B or Considered Purchase Audiences

Orchestrate brilliant campaigns to drive engagement across each stage of the customer experience for the simplest to the most sophisticated buying cycles. Oracle Eloqua has best-in-class marketing automation to create optimized, personalized campaigns across email, display search, web, video, and mobile.

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Targeting and Segmentation

Using Oracle Eloqua, marketers can unite online and offline behavioral and firmographic data from multiple channels or sources to inform, build, filter and segment audiences.

Cross-Channel Campaign Orchestration

Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to create dynamic, cross-channel campaigns that intrigue buyers and intelligently adapt the experience in real-time.

Lead Management and Scoring

Oracle Eloqua provides marketers with an intuitive and simple way to accurately identify the highest quality leads. Marketers can set up multiple models to evaluate a lead for the right fit, and once qualified, programmatically send to sales in seconds.

Oracle Eloqua brings marketing and sales closer together through unified buyer and account intelligence to identify, prioritize, and track high-valued opportunities across the engagement cycle. Bring ABM strategies to life using real-time account insights.

Marketing Analytics

Measuring marketing impact is easy with Oracle Eloqua’s out-of-the-box, robust reporting. Backed by the power of Oracle Business Intelligence, marketers gain high-level and detailed insights to guide critical decisions in real-time

Why Choose Oracle Eloqua?

A Complete Solution for the Experience Economy

Intrigue and win over audiences with personalized campaigns across multiple channels. Oracle Eloqua equips marketers with intelligent campaign management, flexible data management, accurate lead generation, and insightful sales enablement tools to engage buyers when they want to be engaged on their preferred channel.

How does Oracle Eloqua drive marketing excellence?

Progressive marketers use Oracle Eloqua to:

  • Create sophisticated nurture experiences for adaptive journeys, at scale
  • Target and segment audiences using real-time data to create personalized experiences
  • Implement ABM strategies that engage, convert and expand target accounts
  • Connect data from any system with an extensible, open framework
  • Maintain clean and complete data across multiple regions and instances

What makes Oracle Eloqua different from other marketing automation platforms?

At Oracle, we believe that Data is the most fundamental ingredient to success. Without a solid ‘data-first’ foundation and philosophy, it’s not possible to deliver an experience that is relevant, timely and consistent. Oracle Eloqua provides marketers with the opportunity to connect data from multiple sources to ensure they are delivering targeted messages to customers at the precise moment they are looking to engage.

Oracle Eloqua allows any marketer to create sophisticated nurture experiences for adaptive personalized journeys in minutes by simply dropping and connecting the campaign building blocks onto the Campaign Canvas. They can include any channel with which they want to engage whether paid, owned or earned. Campaigns can be easily updated, even while in flight, with little disruption and no need to clone the campaign.

Oracle Eloqua provides marketers an intuitive way to accurately identify and prioritize the best leads. Rather than using a points-based approach that can easily lead to false positives, Oracle evaluates each lead according to their percentage to ideal, based on any combination of profile and engagement criteria. Additionally, marketers may have multiple lead models for differing offers and assign more than one lead score to a contact to understand specific interest.

Oracle Eloqua offers enterprise scalability that easily supports high volumes of contacts and leads that can be processed without data limitations. Oracle’s open, flexible framework connects data from any system and customers gain functionality of real-time data flows that marketers can control and configure to pull in essential custom objects and data without IT support.

Eloqua Remains a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management 2019

Once again, Gartner ranked Oracle Eloqua as a Leader for it’s clear market understanding and sales strategy. The report saw as Eloqua’s strengths: data management, ABM functionality, and scalability. See how Eloqua compares to other CRM Lead Management Leaders.

Eloqua Remains a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management 2019

Expand Your Audience with WeChat

  • Find New Buyers: Expand your global footprint by integrating with WeChat, China’s most popular messaging platform.
  • Personalize the Experience: Create personalized experiences using WeChat activity data for cross-channel campaigns in Oracle Eloqua.
  • Download the App: For current customers, go to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to install the application.
Marketing messaging platform - WeChat

Program Canvas: Real-Time Data Transformation

  • Simplified Data Transformation and Normalization: Create data transformation and normalization processes using the drag-and-drop canvas interface.
  • Listener Framework: Trigger integration processes and other workflow procedures faster.
  • Next Gen Application Integration: Improve ease of set-up, maintenance and speed to lead.
Marketing Program - Eloqua canvas

User Experience: More Than Just Another Pretty Interface

  • Simple, Intuitive Interface: Easily navigate using this improved, clean design.
  • Personalized Activities: Create shortcuts to see preferred and high-value activities.
  • Interactive Dashboards: View the pulse of marketing efforts with this insightful dashboard.
Eloqua User Experience (UX)

Campaign Canvas: Create Dynamic Journeys

  • Accessible and Actionable: Drag and drop using this simple interface for fluid marketing activities.
  • Deploy Adaptive Experiences: Engage data to map each step of the campaign to create adaptive customer journeys.
  • Campaign Validation. Before Launch: Spot-check your campaign for any validation errors.
Marketing Campaign - Eloqua canvas

One Platform for B2B Marketers to Manage Data and Customer Experiences

What makes Oracle Eloqua different from other marketing automation platforms?
Oracle provides marketers with a robust network of over 500 partners, representing over 700 integrations. This empowers users to align existing enterprise applications to marketing automation for scalability and extension.

How does Oracle Eloqua unify marketing execution?
Oracle Marketing Cloud provides a centralized canvas where marketers can orchestrate experiences across paid, owned, and earned channels including email, mobile, social, and web.

Oracle Eloqua Successes

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Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Explore the research, stories, tools and more to help you understand the power of moving to and using Oracle Marketing Cloud products in organizations of any size.

Movember Increases Revenue Through Advanced Targeting with Oracle Eloqua

After years of rummaging through spreadsheets to execute each campaign, Movember's marketing team upgraded to Oracle Eloqua. By the end of the 2018 campaign alone, Movember had raised more than $100 AUD million globally and is now funding clinical research on prostate cancer.


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