Why choose Oracle vs. Adobe?

Top 3 reasons to choose Oracle Advertising and CX for your customer experience needs


Customer experience goes beyond content

Make every customer interaction matter with Oracle Advertising and CX. Oracle helps you connect data across your entire organization with one cloud for marketing, sales, service, commerce, and loyalty. React in real-time across every type of interaction, including advertising. Quickly and easily build personalized campaigns, intelligently resolve customer concerns as they arise, and increase customer lifetime value.


The most complete solution available

Oracle offers a comprehensive solution with advertising, marketing, sales, service, commerce, and loyalty connected to HR, finance, and supply chain to help you gain a complete view of every customer. Our front- and back-office products have the same intuitive experience and share a common data model, giving you a single source of truth and real-time visibility into the rest of the business—without having to engage other vendors.


A scalable and extensible CX platform

Achieve your customer experience goals by connecting data across your entire business. Unlike Adobe, our applications are designed to scale with your business across the full CX spectrum—including advertising, marketing, sales, service, commerce—all the way through to loyalty. Expand your reach by connecting your customer data to every experience and empowering whomever within your company gets to the customer first.

Make every customer interaction matter with Oracle CX

Empower the person within your organization who engages the customer first. By connecting your front- and back-office applications, you align your organization around your customer and simplify operations for your employees. Only Oracle provides a single cloud solution that includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), supply chain, and advertising and customer experience (CX).

Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) goes beyond content management, digital assets, and CRM to deliver experiences tailored to each customer’s online behavior in real time. Whether it is advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, service, or loyalty, partnering with Oracle allows you to apply intelligence to every task using consistent data and intuitive tools.

Leverage advertising solutions to make the best first impression and build on it with each one that follows. Gather everything you know about your customers into unified, accurate, and actionable profiles for each customer. We have been helping customers like you manage, secure, and drive business value from data for more than 40 years. Data is in our DNA. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make every customer interaction matter.

Move forward on the path to CX data excellence.

A shared vision drives Oracle and the Oracle CX applications and platform developers: bring the front- and back-office processes together to empower whoever gets to the customer first. When implemented as part of an enterprise-wide CX strategy, this enables true omnichannel. It supports a highly responsive and adaptive enterprise.

Jeremy Cox Principal Analyst, Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform, 2020–21, November 5, 2020

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Oracle Advertising and CX customer success stories

Leading companies around the world are choosing Oracle to save money, deliver more sophisticated and personalized experiences, and empower the person who gets to the customer first to provide a consistent and rewarding experience.

Oracle Advertising and CX vs. Adobe
Oracle offers a complete advertising and CX solution.
Advertising A comprehensive set of activation and media measurement solutions that help marketers and publishers identify the most relevant consumers and environments for their cross-channel paid advertising campaigns. Solutions available.
Marketing A comprehensive, integrated digital marketing solution available to launch cross-channel marketing programs and unify all prospect and customer data in a single actionable view. Solutions available.
Loyalty A loyalty solution that creates lasting relationships with your most loyal consumers, while incentivizing ongoing customer engagement and spend. No solution available.
Commerce A solution to move your business online and connect your organization’s front- and back-office systems. A unified B2B and B2C commerce platform uses customer data to build personalized online buyer experiences, innovative quickly, and boost online sales. No native connection to the back-office.
Content Management A centralized solution to create, syndicate, and distribute relevant and consistent content through digital channels. It also offers video creation and digital asset management tools to personalize customer experiences with smart content and recommendations. Solution available.
Sales An intelligent solution to guides sellers with recommendations to help them prioritize on the most valuable prospects at the right time. Machine-learning–based selling tools are centered around clean, complete customer data from internal and external sources. No solution available.
Service Powerful and intelligent B2B, B2C, and field service solutions that allow customers to receive the superior customer service they expect, when and where they need it. No solution available.

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