Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence

Realize your personalization strategy faster and deliver digital customer experiences that are authentic, relevant, and context aware. With Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence you can collect and evaluate prospect and customer behaviors in real time, use AI and machine learning to obtain intelligence from that data, and combine both to personalize the digital customer experience (CX) at the exact right moment.

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Learn how Oracle leverages integrated data to gain a deeper understanding of its customers and meet their unique needs.

Neostar tracks and segments customers based on interest with Oracle Marketing

Oracle Infinity follows our users on the site—what they do and what they click on and what they browse—and then creates custom events that go into Responsys and triggers custom email campaigns.

—Vladimir Bace, Chief Marketing Officer, Neostar

Explore Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence

Unify customer behavioral data in real time

Stream diverse, cross-channel, digital data and use Infinity’s ID matching capabilities to build a single behavioral view of each person.

Flexible data collection

Strengthen your data collection with Oracle’s CX tag, SDK, and API. Capture any behavior and parameter into Infinity Behavioral Intelligence’s real-time stream. The CX tag works across Oracle CX applications, simplifying tag management while building a complete digital picture across applications.

Unlimited number of customer behavior parameters

Collect the right behaviors in real time, every time—whether you’re a marketer or developer. Accelerate your data collection around the customer’s digital behavior with ready-to-use approaches, build custom behaviors with ready-to-use tools, or develop custom behaviors from scratch.

Real-time behavioral signals

Stream data while a person is still visiting your digital property. With Oracle Infinity, you can observe sessions while they’re happening and adjust the personalized experience you deliver to them in real time.

Determine the right actions to take

Use AI and machine learning to see what recommended actions could be taken to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Detailed analytics and suggested opportunities

Gain insight into past, current, and anticipated customer behaviors as part of their journey. Use flexible reporting options to view data on what actions a customer took and who they are.

Predictions powered by AI and machine learning

Apply probability scores to predict the likelihood customers will reach a specific objective or conversion point. Take advantage of built-in, real-time decision-making with intelligence applied to past customer behaviors.

Business-friendly user interface

Get your nontechnical and technical users up and running quickly. Oracle Infinity makes it easy to understand what capabilities are available and how to take advantage of them.

Make relevant, timely recommendations

Configure, deploy, and inject cross-channel recommendations—in real time—personalized for each customer based on AI and machine learning algorithms. Enable recommendations across your martech stack for both Oracle and non-Oracle systems.

Easy deployment

Set up your recommendations using preconfigured widgets and algorithms and a WYSIWYG editor. Accelerate your personalization strategy with automated scheduling, attribute mapping, and easy error detection—all with a single inventory across channels (email, web, API) and accessible for marketers as well as developers.

Scalable and flexible inventory management

Use self-service inventory management functionality to ensure that the list of recommended content and product items is accurate and up to date. Import different inventory file formats, select scheduling options, map inventory attributes, preview, and inject the right recommendations into every experience.

The right recommendation at the right time

Surface the most relevant recommendations first, fully personalized to each user, through Infinity’s 1-1 recommendation model and advanced filter logic.

Native integration with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management

Improve email click through and conversion rates by adding algorithm-driven recommendations into Oracle Responsys. Select from a variety of strategies—including a new 1-1 visitor affinity algorithm—and use email open-time support to ensure that recommendations are relevant when viewed.

Drive business results through your CX ecosystem

Use online behavioral data and the intelligent recommendations provided by Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence to take real-time actions that result in more personalized and relevant offers and better customer experiences (CX).

Rules, filters, and in-session predictions to drive action

Specify what steps should occur when certain trigger conditions are met. Leverage the predictive probability of user behavior to take proactive actions to maximize the chance of a successful conversion.

Tailored experiences

Leverage in-session behavior to provide content personalized for each person. Improve CX and outcomes across all channels and areas of your business by injecting the right real-time content, products, or offers into any digital touchpoint.

Opportunities to drive better campaigns

Take advantage of prebuilt opportunities—recommended actions to take—to improve engagement and drive better campaign results. Ramp up new team members’ skills and partners more quickly to shrink the time to value.

Flexible, fast, connections

Take advantage of user-friendly, intuitive connectors into Oracle Responsys Campaign Management and Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, as well as a serverless webhook and SFTP connectors for integrations with any Oracle or third-party systems.

Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence customer successes

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Learn how companies across different industries and in different geographies use Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence to personalize CX. Click on each logo to learn more.

Key benefits—behavioral intelligence

Increase conversions with real-time behaviors

Harness customer behaviors as they happen and use them to optimize customer experience.

Boost customer engagement and lifetime value

Increase engagement and loyalty by providing the content, offers, and promotions that resonate best with each visitor, customer, or prospect.

The right time to optimize customer engagement is now

Scale with flexibility

Use a system that will grow with you. Built on an innovative, big data platform, Oracle Infinity is a digital intelligence solution that offers unparalleled data collection and accessibility.

Improve personalization

Gather data about each customer at an individual level to better understand behaviors and deliver more personalized experiences.

Learn about personalized B2B marketing best practices

Read about personalized B2C marketing best practices

Accelerate ROI from your marketing ecosystem

Take advantage of built-in integrations, customizable APIs, and data streaming to easily embed rich behavioral data into your marketing ecosystem.

How behavioral intelligence powers marketing automation and campaign management

JANUARY 10, 2022

Markies Mondays: Using contextual intelligence to target customers in the moments that matter

Autumn Black, Content Marketing Specialist, Oracle

We’re recognizing the finalists of the Context Award for Best Application of Positive Contextual Targeting, which recognizes campaigns that generated a splash by leveraging contextual intelligence technology to target trending moments.

Let’s take a closer look at how these five finalists used contextual intelligence, marketing automation, Oracle Infinity, Oracle Maxymiser, and Oracle Sales to create unique, impactful campaigns.

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Personalization tailors a customer's or audience's experience based on insights about their behaviors and needs. Its goal is to improve the customer experience (CX) and drive business outcomes. Personalization should help create authentic, relevant, and context-aware digital experiences. Perhaps more importantly, it helps to prevent damage to your brand from a poorly timed, discordant, or offensive message.

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